‡ Walter Alistair McClanahan

Dragon Mister, Scribe of the Curse, The Flaming Inventor


Scribe of the Curse

City Status ••
Ordo Dracul Status ••
Resources •••••

Bishop spread a cacophony message about him mesmerizing Wilhelm.
Burned down Cathedral while trying to eliminate Strix. Donated money to repair it faster.
Called Sheriff to have bodies properly taken care off, which failed horribly.

Known for using fire and not being afraid of it


Name: Walter Alistair McClanahan
Age: 48

Sire: Lillian Luna
Vampire age: 2
Clan: Ventrue


Walter always was a stereotypical introvert, who since childhood preferred learning and constructing stuff instead of socializing with people. Firstly, his classmates’ IQ was closer to that of chimpanzees than his, so that already didn’t make any conversations too interesting. Furthermore, saying that to them apparently was not a good idea and Walter had to suffer bullying till he graduated middle school.

That gave him a lot of experiment and invent a lot of useless things, like automatic shoe cleaner that sometimes would only clean only one side of them (well, technically, who needs the inside shoe side to be clean, right?) or a blinking light on a tv remote so you’d never lose it (ironically he never watched TV, but that’s not the point). The list of his “interesting” creations grew, but his parents tended to be happy as he had stellar grades and “at least didn’t do drugs or alcohol, and even played music” like they’d explain to the neighbours, who were not always excited about Alistair’s new projects, some which ended in their backyard like that water propelled rocket, which totally should have hit the atmosphere and not turned around in the air and smashed into their window. Ultimately he never worried when he failed, or simply didn’t perceive it as a failure. It was all just necessary steps to become better.

Often his inventions were supposed to help him protect himself from the James and Otto, biggest and meanest of his arch-enemies, but rarely helped. It only changed when he managed to save enough money to pay to some local gang members for protection. Strangely, they didn’t just scam, but actually scared the shit out of the Otto and broke James’ hand. After that Walter was rarely physically bullied by anyone, but it didn’t help him from being a loner. Piano or violin usually replaced that hole in his life and kept him going.

He was lucky enough to get a scholarship at University, which finally gave him a fresh start and he got a more normal life as people were actually impressed by his intellect and he found some of similar level of knowledge or skills. Walter majored both in science and engineering and continued his studies till PhD, during which he also met his future wife Alice.


While working for a laser company with a combination of his crazy innovations and only bits of luck he managed to create a small breakthrough in the sphere when he improved Q-switching attenuator prism for stronger light pulses. The technology got patented and spread in the industry which brought Walter lots of money. Few cents on every optical resonator created using his invention brought him fortune and later on allowed him to work on leisure projects, including alternative firearms and weaponry solution, which he was still fond of.

Money allowed him to finally buy a house, a great car and get married. Soon came children Jessie and Elizabeth and his life continued in more usual terms. His workaholic loner manners led to the divorce dozen years later, so he got only irregular chances to see his children until Elizabeth started to study in science few years back. She still fully didn’t commend his behaviours, but simply accepted him for that he was and they grew closer during last years.

The other thing it enabled him to do was to finally find his own High-tech design company “TechLiz Designs”, which worked on a varied range of products from lasers, weaponry and advanced armors to sport car improvements. Walter took place in company’s work quite closely, even often leading projects himself. After becoming a vampire, he was forced to take more of a standby role and only affect course of the company from board meetings.


Strangely, during one of the projects where he got a test ride on a futuristic sport bike they were designing improvements for he got completely hooked. Activity produced a lot of adrenaline in his body and based on his observations helped him think, so it was a matter of time before he got himself one.

Walter’s embrace came as a surprise to him after a strange freelance project with Lilian Luna, after which she used him as a lab assistant. Alistair would probably have perceived that meager role offending if not for a deadly nature of their relationship and because he perceived underworld as a blessing and a chance for better and longer life as being almost 50 wasn’t too pleasant. The research Lilian was doing got him also interested and besides helping her on various more volatile weapon projects, Walter started researching covenant of Ordo Dracul and its secrets of magic.


Mostly he focused his research on sunlight and staying awake as he simply didn’t realize how vampires could let so much time go to waste. It was hard work with lots of experimentation and injuries, but he got help from Tiffany, who with a request from Lillian started mentoring him in the matter.

Additionally, quickly it became apparent that his self-defense skills were horrible. While being a neonate, a simple wrong turn could result in being in someone’s feeding grounds and your life at the stake. That change of being forced him to acquire unusuals skills. First time in his life, Walter started, not only designing and creating weapons, but also training to use them. Alistair started acquiring and training with different gear, from usual weapons to more high tech variants. This also led to him spending more time in the streets and getting to meet local gangs.

Now usually Walter can be seen in his classy suit and an old-school jacket on top. Often gloves, big hat and a strapped desert eagle inside his coat complete his wardrobe. That is, unless he’s driving a bike. When he is usually wearing his a bit unusual biker suit, which seems to be custom made just for him with special accessories

‡ Walter Alistair McClanahan

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