Poe Dellaware

Old Bruiser


City Status •
Circle of the Crone Status •
Nosferatu Status ••

Tough looking old man with no time for petty excuses

Poe was born in the north west England region of Lancashire to a family of lower middle class. Which meant that if he was to have any childhood wonder, he’d have to come up with it on his own. He was the oldest child and had two brothers – Lewis and Stanley , and a sister named Allice.
But before he could grow into any formidable relationships with the neighbors , the Dellaware family decided that a better life awaits across the Atlantic.
There they were swallowed up into the torrent of like minded poor individuals that had high hopes and almost nothing else. The torrent lead them to Florida. Poe’s father Stewart Dellaware found work as a barge loader while his mother Nancy employed as a launderer.
Years passed and Poe came of age, he finished his basic education and joined his father at the docks. Being strong and young he quickly became one of the quartermasters favorites. Eventually there came an opportunity to board one long voyage ship as a sailor. Poe was invited with the other young perspective men to join the ship “King Swallow” on its merchant trip towards India and back. Having received his fathers blessing Poe left Florida and spent the next couple of years serving as a sailor on the bridge of captain Jerold Manderley and his “King Swallow”.
Poe made friends among the ship and the crew bonded together. One of those friends was Spencer, a smaller, more agile fellow that seemed to always have some knick or knack in his pockets. He also somehow knew what everyone else was carrying in theirs, or.. were carrying. Likewise, Spencer was amazed at the bulk of Poe’s muscles and the strength of his body. Together they made a deal to teach eachother a few tricks here and there. Spencer laughed as Poe tried to stick his grubby fingers into a small pocket undetected and Poe burst out cackling when Spencer was hoisted up by the sails. Eventually one learned from the other and came out better men because of it.
On a routine trip back the captain once declared they’d be changing course as of next summer and their new route included New York and Australia. The new contract was made to last 7 to 10 years depending on business and environmental changes. Those that wished to renew their contracts were welcome to do so, otherwise they’d be left in the docks of the sunny state.
Poe accepted the new contract and sailed the world for the next decade. What he didn’t know is the plan Jerald had for him aside from the usual contract.
A breezy autumn morning Jerald invited Poe into his cabin. There stood a large strong looking black man and Jerald sitting at his table with a glass of brandy in his hand. He said
“Poe, I’ve called you here for a specific reason. Meet Phillip, he’s a professional trainer I hired from New York. Why did I hire him you ask? Well, there’s a lot you don’t know about me and the “King Swallow”. We don’t always just ship products of agreeable nature. You see, I’ve had my eye on you for a while and I think you’d make a damn good body guard. Sometimes when I leave the ship, I need men I can count on to have my back. I want you to be one of those men, Poe. With that sort of occupation comes benefits as well. Higher salary, better quarters and of course, you’ll be accompanying me to the most highest order of establishments. Phillip here will teach you how to fight. Since armed combat is most of the time looked down upon in my line of work, you see I like to keep things quiet, you’d be learning to take people down non-lethally as a priority, but if the situation requires it, your fists can become tools of destruction as well. So what do you say Poe, ready to join the elite?"
The next 10 years were spent in a myriad of training, thrill and adventures, among other things..
One time on shore leave in Melbourne Australia Poe went to a bar to relax, socialize and have a fight or two to let some steam off, since this was his favorite continent for such debauchery. What stood out of the regular crowd was a tough looking broad with a mean, but not hard on the eyes look on her face chatting it up with her friends on the side of the room. A couple of innebriated sea folk started picking a rude audience with the fairer friends of the broad and soon after one of those sailors lay flat on the ground having been decked in the face. Them other men found this to be a right reason for troublemaking so a fight ensued quickly after. Not missing out on a chance for a good raffle Poe went in to participate. Just as one fella was about to knock some sense into the tough girl, Poe added another body to the floor count. Unfortunately the lady misunderstood his intentions and without skipping a beat hooked Poe right in the chin.

The next thing Poe sees is her face above him and her icy hand on his chin. Turns out she knocked him out cold, the authorities arrived and Stella, that was her name, told them she was his wife and that she’d take him home.

Short while later Poe had to leave again back towards America. The few weeks he spent with Stella were like nothing he’d experienced before. But when the time came, with a painful heart, they separated as Poe boarded the “King Swallow” once again.

A year and a half later Poe returned when his contract was over, found Stella with a baby boy on her hands. They married right then and there.
A while later consequences lead to Poe and his wife coming to American New York. Poe joined the workers at the docks again, being a strong , time tested sailor that he was, he was offered the position of quartermaster that he quickly accepted.
His baby boy Richard grew into a strong young fellow who managed to stray away from the path of his fathers and start a career in advertisement. He met his future wife Lauren at a Company Christmas party. As time passed they were unsuccessful in their attempts to have a child, but eventually after lots of stress and strife, a healthy boy was born. Unfortunately Lauren had died in the process. Grief stricken and alone Richard fell on the support of Poe and Stella to help raise the child. They named him Vinnie. With Richard never really coming out of the depression caused by his wife’s death, the role of the father once again fell on Poes shoulders. The boy was a quick study and it was obvious he’d be the smartest branch in the Dellaware tree so far.
Years later Vinnie is attending The University of New York.

Every once in a while Jerald’s men would come to contact Poe with odds and end jobs.
One such job was ensuring the safety of a courier while he transported goods of questionable nature.

The silver briefcase was locked with multiple contraptions and handcuffed to the courier.
He was supposed to travel from New Jersey to New York on foot, during midnight, for whatever reason.

Unfortunately this was one of those dangerous situations gone wrong and the party was ambushed by a gang of pale individuals that possessed seemingly superhuman abilities.
Poe fought bravely, but every punch seemed to have less of an effect than expected and their punches were backed by power akin to a train going full speed.

The battle did not last long and soon after the first blows were exchanged, the courier and his party were lying in each their own pool of death.
Poe saw one of the pale men hunched over the corpse of the other guard while his own life was flowing out of his guts. With every breath the light was dimming and the last thing he saw was a man with horrible facial deformities squatting right next to him:

“Tsk tsk.. such a shame to let such power go to waste.. Tell you what, I’m going to go on a limb at your expense. Close your eyes and try not to wriggle, it’s going to be a wild ride.”

That’s how Poe met Bertram Thung, a vampire.

Thung brought Poe into the realm of the night walkers, a grotesque company called the Nosferatu, vile beings with disfigured forms and frightening presence.

After a crash course on everything that a vampire should know, Poe’s interest was piqued by the Circle of the Crow. Having spent so many years on the seas, one can appreciate the similarity in belief of strange rituals between the sailors of the waters and the witches of the circle. Except the Crows rituals were actually backed by effective practice rather than hopeful superstition. Something that Poe never thought to have existed. Does that mean God is real?

Bertram entertained Poes interest in the circle and gave him the necessary contacts to become part of it.

Having triumphed in their challenges Poe managed to prove himself worthy of being a member of the Crows.

What Phillip started in his youth, the Witches assigned a trainer to continue. Poe was being taught his new powers and things a bodyguard should be aware of while fighting in the darkness of the night.

At the same time Bertram kept in contact with Poe and after a while they made the trip to the home of the Nosferatu – the Neceopolis. There it did not take long for the kindred to notice the potential Poe carried with him and soon he was being contacted by his brothers and sisters in the underworld for assistance in a hunt, steakout, simple murder or just to go feed.

Poe, after being given some sort of humanizing drug, went to see Stella after being gone for 5 years. Stella was furious and scared , thought Poe had gone crazy, having been missing for years and now saying something about being a vampire. She called Vinnie and he managed to talk Stella out of bringing Poe to all the doctors for a day. They spent some time talking and when the evening came, Poe slipped out and ran off.

Poe Dellaware

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