‡ Adam "Perseus" Kith

Pillar of the Temple (and Coterie)


Larger than an average man by a whole foot, Perseus is easily noticeable in a crowd. Add the fact that his muscles and general mass made him wide too, and so he always had a nightmare finding fitting clothes, and most often he would be seen either in a patched up tracksuit or a baggy trench coat. During the ceremonies he would also be seen wearing a helmet made for him a few years ago, which while had little practical use, was a beautiful addition to his role. His weapons are spear and shield, and he has two sets of them – a larger one, meant to be used at home or during rituals, and a smaller one, which he carried in a guitar case.
On his normal mood, he is a content Kindred – as long as nothing is threatened, he is happy. If someone needs assistance, he is willing to help, and he knows his place well, never asking too much without having serious reason. Although his hunting style would be an almost out right hostile one, using his intimidation and strength to forcefully take his due (sometimes even borrowing a blackjack from Ajax if he had been exhausted by his duties), deep inside he would care for the harm he would cause, and he would atone whenever he took more than needed. Pain would bring him joy though, and his Daeva blood would just intensify the feeling. Sometimes he even willingly would take a beating just to experience something new.
In combat, his first priority is covering others. If others are at threat, he would rush to their aid, and try to disarm any assailants. Although he didn’t have much live fighting, he had it ingrained into his head to first ask whether his target only needed to be stopped or killed, before actually taking any hostile action of his own.


Born in a middle-class family, Adam lived a pretty idyllic childhood. He had his friends, he had his free time, he had his loves and hates, but in the long term it was just passing the time into adulthood. He wasn’t talented in learning, and while he wasn’t the fastest runner or strongest fist, his endurance was bigger than most had. He could have been a marathon runner if he wished to, but he found marathons rather dull, and eventually he started doing decathlons. He wasn’t perfect in any specific single activity, maybe the 1500 m run being his forte, but he was at least decent in any event, allowing him overall good results, and even earning him several podium places.
And as it happens to many an aspiring athlete, the grades start lagging behind, and so they did for Adam. It was not that he was lazy or specifically avoiding classes – he was just bad. He barely graduated with passing grades, but even that needed an extra push from him just to make sure he wouldn’t fail. However, school did reveal one of his interests – he would devour any information on Ancient times and mythology – while Greek culture was the one most prominent and piquing his interest the most, he wouldn’t skimp on Norse, Roman or Egyptian mythos either.
Because of his miserable graduation results, the only way for him to continue education was to gain a sports scholarship, which he eventually managed to get at one lesser known college. As it happens with many sports scholarships, the contents of what he was learning were going sideways with what was needed in real life, just to make sure that the students would pass at whatever fake examination they would give. 5 years ago, they would have even taught him Swahili. And this was how the Kindred world found him.
One of the New York’s circles devoted to the Crone had gone down to a single guardian, a Haunt known as Ajax among it, and he wished to take a pupil under him, so that if need ever arose, someone could replace him. And it was just the perfect coincidence that Adam had taken the course on Greek Mythology on his own volition at the college a couple of months ago. This both brought the interest and gave the means to tempt the youth into the Kindred world – who would dare to resist a call of an actual antique Hero, asking him to join in a divine duty of protecting one of the temples to Gods?
After a couple of weeks of nightly visits, Adam was fully craving to join the night and an Embrace was needed to be performed. However, the only one in the circle who had Prince’s Favor was Garry Becker, and so it was him who Sired the freshblood instead of Ajax. Although soon Adam learned just how bloody the rituals happen, and the atrocities Kindred did in the name of Masquerade and survival, that didn’t flaunt his wish to serve the gods. And it was Ajax who tutored him for the most time, not Garry, whether it was basic Kindred skills, the rituals they performed, including Cruac, or martial skills. Ajax had adopted the spear and shield style, akin to the ancient hoplites, although not having anyone besides him made him alter it slightly, focusing more on single combat, and using a shorter spear compared to 3 meters long ‘dory’ ancient warriors would have used in their famous phalanx. All this and more he taught to Adam – who after two years in the circle took Perseus’s name in same manner like his mentor did at his time – and the two shared a very close bond between them.
The circle lived close to each other and no matter where their lands would happen to be, Perseus would find work at some local club as a bouncer – his body and menacing look being the best assets and nightclubs being, well, nightclubs, perfectly lead to such a career choice. He never took upon a ghoul, fearing it was too much risk of exposure, and he would only mark a few repeat customers whom he would use as his Herd. However, he would make sure to care for those few like he would care for his circle, making sure they always had means to return home and be never indebted.
When he was not working, he would be practicing with Ajax, whether it would be sparring or other type of training. And if he still had free time asides from circle’s rituals and other things, he still kept ties with his father, Max, with whom he would still meet at some evenings, either heading out for a movie or having fun in bowling alley.
And so he lived for 9 years, never stopping to improve, being in semi-secrecy as his whole circle, which sometimes lost a member, sometimes gained, but would usually stay at 4. Yet it all flipped over when the all the Circles and Nosferatu decided to actively rebel against Invictus after Tesoro’s death. Perseus’s circle got their own target – Mister Ellis Arnold – who they attacked in his Haven (which they found after asking the gods). Ellis himself was no threat, however, he had trained bodyguards with himself. While both Perseus and Ajax were experienced warriors by now, and while they eventually succeeded in skewering Ellis with their spears, the overall numbers were too many, and Perseus lost his Mentor in the fury of the battle, as he took one too many blows and crumbled to a barely recognizable corpse. And the loss wasn’t even the least of his worries after the night ended – with Ajax’s death the circle dropped to only two members – and two cannot form the circle. This meant that he and Garry had to contact the Circle, and find out what is meant to be of them.

‡ Adam "Perseus" Kith

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