‡ Krird



Can become invisible
Can become a dark shadowy gas
Can create fake dark shadowy gas which looks just like him
Can see vampires affected by Obfuscate
Can burn down Cathedrals

Is afraid of flames

Had mind controlled Shawn and still controls Dusk.
Confronted coterie in their meet apartment while controlling Shawn.
Confronted by coterie in Cathedral while controlling Dusk, survived a heavy burst of flames and managed to run away again.
Has 9(11) other vampire bodies available.

After torporing Alex and being discovered by coterie, lead to a number of engagements with them, which forced them to go to New Haven and make Alex a member of Khaibit family.

Destroyed apartments building, burned cathedral and specialized traps later, she was slain as part of effort to eliminate Strix.


‡ Krird

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