Misaki "Izanami" Watanabe

Sympathetic twisted teenager


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Short, cute teenager of Japanese heritage, usually wearing loose clothing dark clothing with a hood and a scarf. When she’s more lightly dressed there several tattoos visible: spider female behind the ear, black lizard on the arm and something resembling parts of wings on her back.
Face usually painted with stronger make-up resembling that of an ancient geisha. Strangely also seemingly hiding some strange wrinkles or dryness of her skin.
Mostly quite cheerful with a twisted sense of humor. Often can be heard mumbling stuff to herself.


Misaki’s family moved from Osaka to New York when she was 8. Due to her beauty and fun personality had an easy time transitioning to US culture. Even though her parents always wanted her to become a doctor, she despised the idea of studying constantly and would come up with ways to avoid it.

Was forced into some additional after-school activities, including science and biology classes, which ironically made her a prime target to be embraced.
Dreams and friendships plummeted when she was embraced being 17 years old with some strange requirements from the sire.
She took the embrace quite hard, not adjusting properly for weeks, trying to drop it off as some fucked up nightmare. During one of the first months she managed to escape from the sire using newly obtained skills, yet when she came back to her house nobody would notice her. Terrified she thought she has become a cursed and came back with no else being able to explain what was happening to her.
Later she realized that she was embraced to be used for pretty much corporate espionage on some medical companies. Her goal usually was to get somewhere unnoticed and make some photos of secret projects or documents.

Misaki’s parents didn’t give up their search of her for years, but came up with no results, just some strange tidbits and rumors of leads which didn’t add up. After initial escape, she couldn’t force herself to go back and see their sorrow with her own eyes, so she preferred to stay away.

After several years of working like that, Misaki failed one mission, where she apparently got photos of wrong files. Her sire was unnaturally mad at the failure after meeting with Invictus who ordered the task. The argument they had with him finished brutally when she got Nightmare’d way too intensely and completely lost her mind. She never was sure if her sire simply lost his temper or Ventrue overlord made him do it.

Misaki recovered only partially and only after long months of pain, confusion, tears and isolation. In solitude, after her sire gave up on her, she finally developed her first Nightmare powers. At first she thought she went to hell as the shadows would turn to evil creatures, walls would speak to her and chill would tear through her clothes, but with time she got used to them and even started considering them her only friends. She hallucinated a number of different illusionary creatures, but one was most prominent:
Jericho, the lizard – her loneliness, awkwardness, terror and creepy humor combined, who kept her company in those long lonely days and became her closest companion.
Only two other illusions developed as close of a relationship with her, but later in her Requiem and for very different reasons.

Misaki finally regained her mind when using Nightmare powers to inflict annoying illusions on others, which later allowed her to ground herself in that power. Strangely, she started marveling the power which brought doom to her in the first place.

After this whole incident and recovery, unexpectedly her bond to the sire has grown and he has started teaching her the ancient tradition and what it meant to be a Burakumin. He never asked her to perform espionage again, but she never dared to ask if it was because it was not needed anymore, she could not be trusted or she didn’t want to simply use hurt her after what happened. Furthermore, he taught her first devotion then, which planted a seed of deep interest inside her, to blossom later in her life.

He also started coaching Misaki on how to use Nightmare properly without affecting herself, but she still would sometimes prefer to feel it on herself too as it comforted her in strange ways.
Growing closer to her sire, wronged teenager finally felt bonding to someone and honored to be on of the bloodline when she learned of Burakumin’s story and struggles. Later on she even nicknamed herself “Izanami”, Japanese goddess of creation and death.

Around this time, second companion emerged, even though it showed itself previously in glimpses:
Tsuchigumo, the anarch queen – her wish to be on top, to fight, to dominate and never submit. It would help keep fighting and show her worth, but often also push her to do cruel, inhumane things for some twisted pleasure of it’s own.

This was also the time where her Haunt curse developed, her shadow seemingly taking up the life of his own, often showing Misaki’s inner thoughts or desires present at the moment. Her sire guessed that it might be the beast inside her sometimes taking control and expressing itself. That interesting trait made lying quite hard for her, as the shadow would betray her true intentions.

It didn’t take long for her to join Carthian movement, which ideals of equality and democracy highly appealed to her, especially after she started identifying herself with her bloodline and what they went through.

Shortly after joining and experiencing completely different type of life her final creation developed:
Yáahl, the raven – is her wish to be free, to never be controlled or manipulated again. It strove for her to finally enjoy life’s pleasure and assure that no one would take them from her.

In the organization she finally found an interesting hobby and use for her before forcefully learned skills of biology and medicine. Her fascination with devotions and how they enabled limitless possibilities even to a young neonate as herself finally turned into actions and research.
She struggled to gain trust and respect from the movement, especially due to her tendency for unusual behaviors and humor, partially aftereffects of her Nightmare, but years of dedication and passion paid off bit by bit as she learned new things and started being recognized for her endeavors.

3 of her most prominent companions are tattooed on her body for Izanami to never be separated from, neither physically nor mentally.

One of her first feedings alone ended up fatally for her victim, Sam, whom she brutally drained. Sam’s young daughter Olivia saw that happened and managed only to murm “Lollipop” when her father released his last breaths. Misaki saw herself in those little eyes and started sneakily observing the family and later helping it too.

Her high school is another place, which she loves. Previously visiting it reminded her only of the life she lost, but now it’s also an encouragement of the things she seeks to bring back in her life.

Misaki "Izanami" Watanabe

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