New York : Vampire

These last few weeks

This is going for too long

These last few weeks are both blessing and nightmare. The phone is almost never silent with requests for anything – guns, hideyholes, fix’ ups. Yet this also brings out the danger in having to work on the field too, and how would you refuse such a man as Anton? So here we are, Maxim and Oliver standing guard during a gun shipment transfer between him and some other vampire, with me standing there for numbers. That vampire had the weirdest price ever set – he brought a bunch of bodies in a van, asking Anton to raise them, yet the guy didn’t even realize that most of them were cold out. Only one of the bodies got woken up, and it all looked nice and dandy and confused as Kindred reunions can go. Good for them, I thought, then I went with Anton to examine what the guy brought. Would be good later to find out his supplier – never hurts to have more notes in a notebook than there can ever fit. They leave, we leave, and everyone’s sort of happy.

These last few weeks also seem to constantly bring worst in people, and I am not immune to that too, I have to face that. Getting fresh food is harder with many usual places being deserted, yet last night I managed to luck out on an empty bar with just one girl, probably drinking out some sorrows. I call her up, I lead her away from any possible eyes, and then I bite, and it’s so damn tasty… And next moment I am on ground trashin’ with Maxim. Oliver was trying to wrap the wound I left on girl but the guy really doesn’t know where to wrap bandages to hold the pressure. I try to avert what he did but its too late and I have a body on me. Oh well, to the morgue she goes. I hope Rick won’t mind another unfiled corpse.

These last few weeks also brought a lot of external threats for Kindred. Next night I get a call from Anton, apparently one of the guys from that deal is at Tim, chained up, as the Kindred’s place got torched, and he wants us to check out what’s the deal with him. I call up the Coterie and we go for Tim’s place, Tim warns us the guy is a bit frantic and threatening. Nothing unusual, I think. Maxim goes at front, that’s his place anyway, I walk in behind to look if guy got any wounds from that event. We talk for a short while, and the talk falls to that other guy… What was his name?… Walter? Ye, whatever, so he asks about Walter, and Anton didn’t say anything about him so I just say to Oliver that prolly he got torched, and Oliver seems to reaffirm that both in his and the chained guy’s mind. Oh how stupid we were to trust in those chains when a damn Haunt is sitting in front of us. One motion – and bye bye to chain – one motion – and bye bye to other chain. I barely rush out of room while getting others attention as all hell breaks lose in there. The Kine start aiming their newly gained guns, while the muscle gets into brawl, which for some reason goes three-way, with Oliver splitting off and launching at Tim. But some bullets and he drops Tim, while Maxim handles the Nosferatu as he usually does. I call Anton to tell him of bad news, and I suggest I could look for someone to patch them up and he agrees after some thought. Let’s hope I find someone willing to patch up dead bodies – usually the clients are living for those who do such services.


Griautis ltlukoziuz

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