New York : Vampire

Letter to Lord Lynch, sent by Mister Milton

Dear Lord Alder Martin Lynch, Notary of New York, My Liege,

What a delight it is to receive such a beautiful letter straight from You! Seeing ‘Notary’ under your Signature is an even more charming touch, which will be embellishing your letters even more now.

The death of my late vassal during the madness of Strix last year has left me with an… emotional scar and I never gave much thought on looking for someone else to offer an Oath, mostly out of fear that I wouldn’t be able to protect them if such a calamity happens again. However if such an established person as Lord Lynch himself is offering his blessing to look out for a new opportunity, I cannot really say no to that.

I hope I am not offending you, Dear Liege, but your young Miss has fallen into my eyes. She’s already showing signs of being a perfect Kindred for our Society. She is taking herself in control of some position, she knows the etiquette and her performance in recent Elysium was most exquisite. Seeing how I have helped her and you in past, and what mutual relationship we already had, if you didn’t have other plans, Lord Notary, I would like to offer myself to help with her Training and also to be her Liege and Sponsor afterwards, as she already seems to be on her first steps to becoming a Madame.

I look forward to hearing from you and continuing our partnership.

Yours sincerely,
Dragon Mister Daniel Milton, Player of New York

Dear Lord Alder Martin Lynch, Notary of New York, My Liege,

After leaving your office at an uneasy truce, I would like to apologise for looking a bit brash towards you. Your words sparked emotions in me which should not have appeared, but at least I am happy that this did not anger you much.

After giving a bit of thought, I can see that there is a perfect way for Miss Mangano both to show her worth and also to get more ‘stability’ for her. The building I told you about – it will be repurposed into our Coterie’s home and haven. There is one little problem which is blocking us from that right now – Kine are still living there. While I was mulling over ideas on getting rid of them, I forgot that Genovese family has been growing over the last few moments and now is encompassing more Manhattan than ever before. I was about to send Councillor Bassani to get the family into business, but now you can see where I am going. I will still send him to Miss Mangano, and they together can work out a solution. In return, I offer a personal place in the Haven equal to anyone from Coterie, which will not be challenge-able, and a Guest Suite for you, My Liege Lord, if you ever need a couple of days of laying low.

With this letter you should find the preliminary plans for how the building will be used, to act as reassurance that this is not just words. I will be awaiting your answer.

Yours sincerely,
Dragon Mister Daniel Milton, Player of New York, Slave of Ordo, Your Vassal

Dragon Mister Daniel Milton, Player, Slave of Ordo, My Vassal,

It seems that you indeed can build plans. If this haven of yours works out and Miss Isabella does not mess up in clearing it, I think this would be for the better. She would be closer to the Genovese family, and she would be able to better assist you, alongside learning our ways.

I’ll speak with her and I’ll arrange her to meet you two not far away from the building where you can iron out the details.

Best regards,
Lord Martin Lynch, Notary of Invictus


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