New York : Vampire

Chp 15: Fire, Leg Shot and Lightning

An extensive physical study by Dragon Mister Daniel Milton

Tonight, Master Poe Dellaware informed the coterie that this night was the time for them to finally exact justice from the Strix. Master Alex Coleman spent some of his time in the bathroom, bleeding for his gods, while Dragon Misters Daniel Milton and Walter Alistair McClanahan were planning traps and how would they make sure the Strix is dead. Eventually, the Flaming Inventor turned his invention gears spinning and crafted a deviant trap involving a bear trap, small oxygen canister, a lighter and an air-tight bag. ((Note to self: The blueprints of this should be stored for future generations, whether with Invictus or Ordo Dracul)) The only problem was putting Miss Marry “Dusk” Lee into a bag in Carthian territory. That meant a risky task for the two Shadows – Master Coleman and Mister Milton – of charging in with their speed and enveloping it in the bag. They also spent some time together to devise a proper plan and make sure that everyone works coordinated we each another.

Eventually enough time passed and the Coterie ventured off to Staten Island, inviting Sheriff Ruby King and Alder Aspen Hale to join the hunt. There, they set up the traps and then hid themselves, while Master Dellaware waited for Miss Lee and Master Darrel Hart, who organized this. They showed up, some talks happened and the trap was sprung successfully by the Strix. The Mekhets brought down the bag, and after several long seconds and reassuring blast of fire from Mister McClanahan, both Strix and Miss Lee were killed. Master Hart showed himself as a true idiot, like most Carthians tend to be – he ignored the authority’s request to stand down and charged Mister Milton (there are witness reports that the target was different, but they all come from Carthians, so they are deemed inconclusive), injuring him greatly. That was repaid “Eye for an Eye” by the Sheriff. Mister Milton ran away from fires madly, but eventually regained senses and returned, finding that the Coterie already cleaned up the place and had Miss Lee’s body in his car, of which he was appreciative. He drove off the Coterie back home while bringing his sister’s body to their Sire, Madame Suzanna Mccloskey, for proper funerary rites.

After that, a bit of still ran over the Coterie as they were planning their next move. Gus “Gus” Redmond was a problem, but they needed proof for that, and an easy way to Miss Heidi Mccoy was not found. Mister Milton had some confusing investigation on his hands, but found some time to finish up his latest research on a nearby Wyrm’s Nest together with Mister McClanahan. Inviting Master Coleman, the trio ventured off to test it – which appeared to be a haunted electrical sub-station on a roof of one of many Manhattanville’s blockhouses. It was cut off from Kine access due to it killing them even after it was cut off from city’s network, but that didn’t make the Kindred fearful. The locks were an easy obstacle, but the sub-station proved to be a harder thing to bend, as it knocked out Mister Milton on his experimentation into interfaces attempt, while Mister McClanahan was also severely burned, even if he claims he’s fine. The trio – Mister Milton in Master Coleman’s hands – departed to return another time, after they have seen enough.


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