New York : Vampire

Chp 14: Justice between Monsters

And how not to dispense it

Our young coterie surprisingly did not have time to vent steam last time, so now they decided to do that doubly so – or at least so did Councilor Alfonso “Tesoro” Basani and Dragon Mister Walter Alistair McClanahan. The argument mainly was about how to deal with Master Gus “Gus” Redmond – a suspect at killing his helper Miss Judy Gonzalez. At least this time it did not go to a fist fight – although a random bystander did feel the Gangrel’s fist as the unlucky Kine was dominated by the Ventrue. But after some bickering, the Coterie just decided “Let’s get food.” and that hung in the air, especially with Grand Elysium looming the next day.

And the Elysium was grand indeed as whole city was invited, and a large part of it showed up there, even a couple of Carthian-turned Rotgrafens. It happened at the theater in Manhattan and Madame Suzanna Mccloskey was the host of it. Planned entertainment was a showmanship duel between two fighters – Madame Evelyn Smith and Mister Nathaniel Arden – and a play by Dragon Mister Daniel Milton, and there was also the matter of judging new Embrace rights by the council.

The notes get a bit scrawly here, and seems they were not edited, but simply glued into a page.
Why was Master Coleman carrying Mister Walter’s gift to Lord Brewer – a bonsai tree?
Councilor Tesoro had a semi-private chat with Bishop Adelia Hutchings.
And the show is about to beg….. The scrawl turns completely unreadable with few wild lines
WHO MANAGED TO MAKE SUCH A BELL OF PAIN?! Horrible pain. Good thing not many saw that.
And the evening opens with announcement that Alder Lynch is the new Notary. Good to see all the effort didn’t go to waste.
And now the duel arranged by Countess Dori Lawler and Mister Garry Becker. Let’s see what Sir Levine taught the young Madame.
She’s having the upper hand – literally – and rival’s sword.
Boy, is our Councillor into this duel. I imagine he would want to be there but details shmetails.
And a gruesome end to it. A spat in the face of Kindred society.
But now it’s my part, and mother seems to be gleaming at the fact I am doing something for the city.
Okay, the little speech about history done, now let’s hope I wasn’t that bad of a director as I thought.
There is a clear rip mark at this spot
Of course it had to be roses. Thanks to whoever sent them. Like my life didn’t have enough of those prickly flowers.
Dumped them at the nearest vase and threw it to the deepest corner. I hope nobody reminds me to pick them up home.
At least the play went well. I guess a poetry reading would do well next time though, to avoid this nonsense.
And now it’s time for the Council. Several Kindred are waiting for a chance.
Seems our Councillor is taking well to my advice. Both Alder Lynch and Miss Mccoy get the right of Embrace, and he doesn’t seem to be denying other requests without first seeing what others say.
And the formal part finishes up. I hope that lets me rejoin my friends finally.
Councillor Tesoro seems to be popular today too – both Miss Isabella Mangano and Mister Becker have a chat with him – while Mister Walter also had a chat of his own with the law enforcement.
And Tesoro manages to get himself humiliated in front of whole society, by non-other than his Sheriff King… So much effort spent but enough waste produced as well.
And finally is this madhouse over. I just want sleep. But need to do these first properly.
There is another rip mark here, like the author was hesitating to keep this glued, and the hectic notes end.

With the Elysium over, the problem of Master Redmond still floated above the Coterie’s heads – with Mister Walter wanting to bring him to justice. Eventually it was decided that they would simply go to Hell’s Kitchen and, with help of Dragon Milton, see whether the rumors were true. Oh, what a stupid idea that was, especially with one of the muscle trio – Master Poe Dellaware – absent. By the sheer blind luck, they manage to find the Nosferatu in an alleyway, not far from his latest feeding spot. While Mister Milton was tapped into Master Redmond, Master Alex Coleman made sure to quickly turn this into a fight – which quickly ended with him in Torpor and the little kid running away somewhere. At least this wasn’t entirely useless – the Mekhet who was still conscious managed to see much, which he quickly revealed to Councillor Tesoro too. The brutal beatdown of Miss Gonzalez, simply because she brought a Kine of wrong hair color and the fact that he submitted Miss Mccoy into Embracing Miss Gonzalez for him clearly showed his derangement and that he needed to be dealt with. For the City safety at least. Now it was just a matter of swaying two councillor’s into declaring a Blood Hunt on him, as the Mekhet visions are not valid evidence. At least Alder Aspen Hale was helpful again in raising her own Childer.


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