New York : Vampire

Chp 11: New colleagues, new lands

And a broken little Missus

The council meeting went well, maybe even too well… if you count Invictus dominance with a spice of freedom a win. Councilor Alfonso “Tesoro” Bassani did really well at choosing his colleagues and going for the moderate choices – no Murders asides from blood hunts; no Embraces without approval; the Faith would be free, opening doors for Circle; and the Lands would be distributed by Councilors’ decision in each own Borough. And that was the headache for the Councilor we all care about. He had to get new lands for the Circle, which most likely meant he would have to take some from Bishop Irvin Nickel, or find a way to redistribute so that the space would be the same. And to make matters worse, Councilor Bassani pushed a bit too much, as Miss Elizabeth “Vi” Mangano returned changed, just like Master Bertram Thung, barely speaking and muttering how she would join Circle under Miss Alina Gilbert. A lesson taught, but does such a person actually learn it? This will probably weigh on his conscience.

There was an additional problem for the young Coterie – they were tresspassing for last week in no longer their lands, as they were traded for votes to Miss Judy Gonzalez and Master Gus “Gus” Redmond. They decided to check out Miss Mangano’s casino – she was preparing to open it next week and so it would have made perfect place for them. The Kindred headed to check whose land it was, and no wonder, it belonged to the Bishop. Dragon Mister Daniel Milton had to leave as he got a call for a new task from his Guild. The task turned out to be a wonderful opportunity of cooperation, as Dragon Madame Lilian Luna has introduced him to Dragon Mister Walter Alistair McClanahan – a Childe of hers who recently joined the Guild and so it was just perfect to get more weight on making sure Councilor Bassani didn’t do anything reckless for them, as well as both Dragons could benefit from making research together.

After a bit of getting to know each other, the scientists headed out back to Coterie, Mister McClanahan bringing gifts to other Coterie members – silver brass knuckles for Councilor Bassani, sticky explosives with smart detonator for Master Alex Coleman, new cat claws for Miss Marry “Dusk” Lee, and some accessories for Miss Mangano. The ladies were not there but the rest of Coterie greeted the new mate well, asides from few moronic remarks from Master Coleman, but nobody can blame him for being so deep in dirt. Everything went even more smoother when Mister McClanahan volunteered to map out the current Manhattan lands and help out with distributing them. He and Master Coleman went on to do that, while Councilor Bassani and Mister Milton got a meeting with Honourable Alder Wesley Wilkins. Seeing how the young Italian wisely chose the allies last time, the meeting went very smoothly, although there was a bit of uncertainty what to do with Law Enforcement, as Councilor Bassani didn’t want to make it so that there was just one Sheriff like in the old times – he still wasn’t fully turned to Invictus. After that the Gangrel decided that he needed another meeting with Master Marcus Allen, especially because in Councilor Bassani’s mind he should have went more with the Rotgrafen, as they both were Circle believers and the Dragon couldn’t join there due to his recent endeavors.

When the Coterie returned back to the park, the matters became a bit more pressing as Masters Redmond and Gonzalez came to make sure the Neonates left their lands. After a small but stressful exchange, the Coterie complied and left for Manhattanville – one of the few completely unclaimed lands in Manhattan. In the past, everyone marked their territory and if someone didn’t, they didn’t actually have a claim on them, so the young Kindred believed it to be a possible new home. To be more sure of safety, Circle Masters offered to cast a couple of rituals to check for possible dangers or unwelcome denizens. Dragons, not being believers, had to leave for their own business. Thinking on what could they do, Mister Milton told Mister McClanahan about the metal dog they encountered and showed the few sketches he made. They decided to talk with the Mage to see when they could get their hands on it. Alas, no luck was to be had there, as he simply said that the body was with the expert he knew and also told of the meager findings in that cave, how the energy was waning for some reason. Mister McClanahan saw it unsafe to venture into Necropolis, but Mister Milton was willing to risk it for another trip down there to find out more.


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