New York : Vampire

An eventful week

Taking care of Carthian “business” and balancing a job at the same time was enough to occupy myself for the most time, but this week was especially busy and weird.

And it all started with a call from Anton to help him receive a weapon shipment from some guy. Apparently, that guy’s name was Walter and as a payment he wanted Anton to get some kindred up from torpor. To Walter’s disbelief, two of the three kindred were no longer getting up in any conventional means. Apart from the weird interactions between Walter and the recently awoken friend of his, transaction, was completed without any issues and a 2nd shipment was supposed to be arriving some time soon.

Having some free time Maxim, Kent and I have decided to get our bellies full with that tasty human vitae. Not everything went according to plan as Kent bitten out a chunk of a girl’s neck when he lost his self-control. Unfortunately, I was unable to save her. Frustrated at both my failure and incompetence of my comrade I went out on a search of a punching bag I could get my anger out on.

Knowing my way around the streets of NY even at a dangerous time like this I was able to find some piece of human trash selling weed to an underage boy. Not waiting for him to explain himself and apologise as he saw his impending doom approaching I gave him a few quick jabs to the face, drank a bit of his blood and brought him to the nearest precinct where my old acquaintance Bob agreed to take care of him.

A day and a bit later I got a call from Kent who has explained that we have another job from our friend Anton. When we arrived at the place we saw the guy Anton has got up from torpor the other day, chained to a chair. After a short exchange of words with Kent I have explained to our friend that Walter is dead which seemed to have touched him in a wrong way as he started ripping the chains one after the other and charging at me. A bullet between the eyes and a straight punch to the face was not enough to stop this train and we got into a three-way grapple with maxim and me trying to immobilise this fucker as he pushed us both away and bitten out a chunk of my neck.

Pain and an immense feeling of thirst made me lose my control as I lunged at the nearest blood bag which unfortunately was Tim.

Shots from assault rifle, bullets in my body and the last thing I remember in those hazy few seconds: the floor approaching my face.. or was it the other way around?


Griautis LukasC

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