New York : Vampire

A short summary of Daniel's play

Any coincidences with real life are accidental

It all begins with a newly blooming love between two Kindred John and Jane – not the one-sided Vinculum one, which debases our society – but something more pure and human-like. Their Coterie mates aren’t very happy with that, thinking that this is childish and has no place in their lives, and how they are just wasting time which could be spent gathering power in their Covenant, to which the couple takes little matter, and even start taunting them more, by having more nights off for themselves.

All could be well, but the Cacophony starts buzzing with messages of Strix infestation in City and dangers and precautions of it. Jane takes to caution and goes to hiding while John bravely ventures out looking for her, thwarting the chaos happening all around him. This gathers attraction to one of the Owls, which quickly turns that into obsession to ruin the lovers’ life permanently. At first it does that carefully, by drawing more danger to John and beguiling Jane’s coterie into looking for her – even though she explicitly told them not to do that while this madness isn’t over. But this doesn’t distress the pair much, and the Owl turns to more direct ways of harm.

Eventually, Jane slips up at her feeding attempt and reveals her latest hidey-hole to the Strix. Bored of the long struggle, it assaults her place and forcefully takes possession of her. Jane then sends a message to John to meet her but over the time he became roughed up by the events, and in caution he called to her coterie mates to make sure that nothing goes wrong. They all meet at a rooftop of Empire State Hotel, and nobody sees the possession until it’s too late – the Strix pulls out a wooden stake and drives it straight into John’s heart. The coterie quickly restrains Jane, but not before the deed is done.

Miraculously, John doesn’t pass out, but finds strength to defy his heritage and manages to pull out the stake himself. He turns to the coterie and says: “Friends, we have been in midst of foul play, but I don’t believe this could have been done by my Jane. I feel my life ebbing away from me, so I have one last request. Lock us up here, and let us spend our last night here.” They hesitate, but eventually do that, and the curtain drops as John and Jane are about to turn to ash.


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