New York : Vampire

Stories of the underground
Tesoro, Vi and Dusk investigating what's below the sewers

Trying to get favour of Allan “Marker” Parks to be able to track down Irvin Nickel Tesoro, Vi and Dusk investigate the underground, which attracted mage’s attention.

Vi follows Wilhelm’s lead and meets with Shady who has lived in the sewers for years. Only after quite some persuasion hobo admits to the unnatural presence below and pisses himself on the spot thinking about the retribution what awaits him for revealing that secret. They take the hobo with them to protect him from the danger.

Shady runs away next morning, but comes back later on, only to be killed by thousands of wasps following him in the view of the coterie. Tesoro claims them to be summoned by blood magic.

Mary and Tesoro study the old newspapers for scrapes of information about the sewers. Mary manages to find that all of the stories about disappearings or deaths below are written by the same author and with little to no details.
Furthermore, Lee is surprised to find out that journalist is not only now the editor of New York times, but also that his secretary instantly picks up her call in the night.

Coterie decides to pay a fellow a visit. After a uninformative conversation, Dusk steal man’s laptop, which is later unlocked by a familiar hacker. Mary investigates the computer without finding anything especially useful and returns back sneakily to the journalist.

Vampires claim their part of the bargain with the mage and unwillingly he agrees, yet the plans change abruptly when Tesoro returns from the Circle meeting.


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