New York : Vampire

When will we learn.
What's gonna burn next?

It’s been a day since we got the mysterious message and Poe was starting to get anxious. Are we going to do something about it?? The mysterious M character warned us not to meddle with the conditions, just to do as we’re told and everyone will be fine.

How can they know?
He wanted to rush to Vinnie and make sure he’s safe. But what if by doing so he would just break the condition.
Is M using some sort of ritual magic to keep track of us?
Ever since Poes eyes were opened to the myriad of dangers and unseen weapons available, he could never really relax. The constant threat of someone watching you or tracking you without your knowledge was something Poe couldn’t control, and if he can’t ensure safety for his target, what use is he of as a bodyguard?

The same sort of magic Alex used to figure out where the Strix was hiding. We talked it over, we considered solutions, but we were too impatient. Poe can’t even blame the others. He too felt this problem was just a couple of punches away, though a voice in the back of his head tried to warn him this would end up the same as the apartment incident.

This whole world is still hard to grasp, with enemies that can slip away the moment they feel threatened. Life used to be so much simpler… "What you see is what you get. You see a ruffian heading for you with his fists up and you raise your own in turn.
Now it’s a god damn mouse chase and it’s driving me mad. "

Before we headed off to the cathedral, Walters daughter contacted him and requested a meeting. In the end the meeting seemed to have gone poorly as Tesoro put quite a scare in the girl.

What followed next was the highlight of the entire operation.
“I’ve been considering myself a hired goon simply tasked with protecting Tesoro. Nothing personal, nothing attached, just business. But as soon as he turned to me and asked “Do you wish to be part of our pack?” I knew the answer before I even had a chance to think about it. Another gang, a crew, people to rely on, some safety from all of this. A lot of time passed since my sea-faring days, but the sense of brotherhood felt among those in perilous voyage was as strong as steel."

Poe missed that feeling a lot. And now Tesoro marked him into the pack as one of their own. Even if they had their minor disagreements at least this was something to feel good about.

After that Poe followed everyone to the cathedral where supposedly the Strix was hiding out. There they were met by Wilhelm, as Poe was told, the gang had some bad blood between them. Managing to overcome first interactions, everyone started getting ready for the arrival of the vampire ghost.
We found the bodies of the vampires in torpor and tasked Wilhelm to export and protect them while we deal with things underground.
Walter said he had a way of dealing with the Strix but was reluctant to disclose what it actually was. So we trusted him to be responsible with his actions. Even though Poe sort of assumed it’s gonna be fire related, there wasn’t much he could do except hope to overcome his fear when the time came.
And come it did.

The Strix waltzed in and the fire was let loose. Gazing into the flames that would consume him, Poe found the strength to keep calm and collected. Unfortunately the same couldn’t be said about the rest of the gang. The operation was fucked from the very first step and vampires were fleeing the basement in fucking pairs.

Before anything could be done the Strix just vanished from sight. Feeling panicked Poe ran to the only exit he figured there to be and stood guard to maybe try and catch the damn thing as it tries to run.

Walter seemed to have had a similar idea and ran off inside towards another exit. This way eventually they were both standing by the doors on the outside of the basement.

A black cloud started seeping out through the cracks and Poe took it as a sign to signal Walter and GTFO of there before the next burst of flame hits. He stood outside the main door and held it closed.

In those moments of brief respite Poe cursed his own hubris and impatience.
“We were not fucking ready for this. This is the apartment incident all over again. Jerald would be fucking disappointed right now. And where the hell is Tesoro??”

After a short while Poe heard Walter calling from the inside and opened the door only to find a raging fire waiting for him. This time Poe was mentally exhausted and the fire was just too much. He ran off leaving Walter to his fate.

After a while when everyone regained their senses, the gang met up in the park. Tesoro looked like he had just mutilated a cow. Apparently his fear turned to a brief moment of insanity. And then something happened that was in sorts, inevitable. The placing of blame.

Alex and Tesoro were convinced Walter had fucked up. The fire inspired a great fear in both of them and the rebound emotions started coming back. After a short exchange of blame Tesoro couldn’t handle the attitude Walter was projecting. He came at Walter in a fit of beastial rage and tried to bite his neck off.

Poe was content to let them duke it out on their own, but then he saw Walter charging up his flame blaster and that was absolutely not allowed. That sort of destructive power released on Tesoro was unacceptable.
Poe joined the fight in an effort to quickly defuse the situation , but the hits seemed to have less of an effect than expected.
Alex apparently came to protect Walter, but if you’re not with Tesoro, you’re against him. Focusing all his hateful intent Poe channeled his powers to instill a primal fear in Alex. When he was gone and the beat down was complete, Walter was disappointed in Poes actions after everything he had given him. And in truth, there was a lot Poe owed to Walter. Unfortunately all of that is made moot when you attack Tesoro.

“I have a prime directive and that is to fuck any bastard faster than they can lay a hand on him”.

At the moment, filled with adrenaline Poe discarded his armor and denounced his apartment. When Walter and Tesoro still refused to admit their incompetence to each other, they both parted ways leaving Poe all alone.

Which was very strange since not a couple of hours ago he was initiated into what seemed like a pack of brothers. Having nowhere else to turn, Poe headed to Vinnies dorm at the University. The least he could do was make sure Vinnie was safe.

A sealed envelope

Jonny Coleman
Roberto Basani
Paul Holt
Vinnie Dellaware
Elizabeth McClanahan

These people are at risk. Warning or trying to hide them away will cause their death. Looking for me in any way will cause their death. Not handling the task given in a sufficient amount of time will cause their death.

Task #1 Kill Pat Wolfe. W 134th St, 6-12
Rest assured, I am not a serial killer.

Things vampires never see
Well not never ever

Walter’s coterie has just headed out to their hotel rooms preparing for slumber. Dropping some excuse he turned to the lift and headed to the top floor. Disagreement with Tesoro was still tearing him apart. He knew he tried to do the right thing, but it still ended up bad. Not only the person still got killed, but he also almost felt councilman’s wrath on himself. It was pure luck that the Poe was so patronizing. That made him smile when he remembered the situation again. Old grandpa slapping one of the most influential kindred in the New York on the head and giving him “You are not getting any candy today” look. That guy had some balls.

Elevator’s light blinked and a short beep announced him being at 12th floor. He left the lift searching for a way on the roof.

It was rather early, and he saw a sleepy guy in the Hotel’s uniform walking around. As soon as the boy noticed Walter, he obviously put on a smile, and straightened out. “Good morning.” he smiled.

Walter smiled as he greeted the young man“Morning, would you be so kind to show me how can I access the roof?” he paused, but when explained “I’d expect a nice view of sunrise up there.”

“Sorry, but the roof is not accessible for guests.”

“Why do I even bother” Walter thought to himself. When his tone switched to a way more commanding one “Lead me to the roof.” while smiling. He started enjoying this way more than he should.

The boy nodded, and showed him the way to the roof. The boy’s keycard allowed access into the staircase which lead to the roof. Up there, it was still rather dark, but the sky was slowly painting itself in orange.

Walter breathed in fresh morning air more symbolically than from actual need and gave boy a pat on the back. “See, way easier this way.” he commented sitting down on some ventilation constructions. “Bring me a ginger beer.” Walter commanded. As the boy turned around to obey the command, he added “Just keep this secret. Don’t want any unasked visitors to ruin my moment.” Alistair then proceeded to take out his hat and sunglasses to semi-cover his face. He still wasn’t sure how bad this would be even with the coils working.

Walter didn’t need to wait long for the for a sun to appear on the horizon. Even though it was still only a tiny bit of a dark red circle, parts of his body not covered by clothes started unpleasantly heating up. Pain came soon after. For a moment he got scared as his beast wanted to get the hell out of the roof, but he calmed himself and controlled it back to it’s place. The dragon would not give up so easily.

Bearing the pain he waited, hoping for the better look of the sunrise, which so far was highly unimaginative. Instinctively Walter’s burns healed as vitae flowed to his cheeks and palms. His thoughts come back to the incident with Tesoro again. He would not let himself be treated as a servant. He was here to help councilman, but he didn’t have to take his bullshit. The dragon in him roared in pride as he decided to allow himself be challenged if it happens again.

Walter’s smile soon disappeared as almost all of the sun was already visible on the horizon and skin was visibly heating up. He decided that the beauty of the moment wasn’t worth the vitae and turned around to go back inside.

Cacaphony #7
More Councilor Laws
Election Round Two
How Loki got Luna into Council

Scene 1
“So, the election will be held within Brooklyn. And I intend to win it.” said Liliana. “That will provide the power base we need to truly expand the Order. I started looking at things, and I need you to help me secure some votes.”

“Expanding the order should be our primary goal. By the way… why it is so small at the moment?”

“Well, as you know. The Sanctified have ruled this city with an iron fist and a flaming torch. It wasn’t good neither for us, nor the pagans of the circle nor any other covenant which did not align with their views. Now that Lancea et Sanctum has been crushed, we can let ourselves breathe more calmly now and start investigating and getting the pupils we need for our experiments.”

“Everyone in Brooklyn will vote or just selected few? Maybe you know which harpy has the most influence? I will then talk to him or her.”

“Well that would most likely be Madame Mccloskey. But it is not her, whom I’d like you to speak with. Madame Fox and Master Shaw are much more interesting. I want you to convince them to vote for me.”

“Hmmm, I don’t really know anything about them. If you would be so kind and tell me more about them, that would be really really helpful.” Loki remembered, that the previous ruler of these lands – Lady Abbott is now dead. From the previous elections there were quite a few candidates racing, but the Rotgrafens have won it. By now, a lot of those people have disappeared – all but two Liliana herself and another Invictus. One of the Daeva blood – Baron Campbell.

“Master Doyle Shaw is a bouncer. Not that many ties, as far as I know, but he holds down to his feeding grounds and his neighbourhood fiercely alongside a few other vampires. Madame Veronica Fox, lives down by the coast. Childe of Alder Hale, so it would be better if Alder Hale wasn’t drawn into this. At least not like an enemy.”

“Why these two in particular? And if they asked “why I should I vote for her? What I will get in return?”, what could I offer? Better lands, close ties with new council?”

“Because I think that you should be capable of drawing them in. I won’t be able to spare them new lands, however closer ties and any promise which doesn’t commit concrete things is fine. And I’m still the more sensible choice if they dislike the Invictus – Baron Campbell is much more old fashioned. Of course, this card can only work if no Carthian decides to show up, but with Rotgrafen’s gone – hopefully they’re focusing on Staten Island.”

“I will draw them in. Hopefully, I will have something to offer or I will do them some favor. If there is nothing else, I will try to find them”

“You should find Master Shaw in the No Name Bar. Locating Madame Fox might be harder – but her lands are in Brighton Beach. “

Scene 2

After asking my mentor’s ghoul to drive me to “No Name Bar”. Loki looks to the ghoul, who is sitting in the car “Wait for me, I shouldn’t take longer than 1 hour”. And Loki goes inside the bar, looking for any kindred presence.

The ghoul grumbled as Loki went away.

Loki approached the entrance, and he saw a vampire standing there. He fit the description for Master Shaw – muscular, with a beard and a tattoo on his left arm. He looked like someone who can certainly take a beating – and give one.

Loki extends an arm “Good evening Master Shaw. I am Mister Almstedt” May I talk with you in private?”

He looked at Loki extending his arm. Loki felt the grip quite strongly as they shook hands. “What about?”

“About the upcoming election”

“What about it?” he said unflinching from his position.

Loki uses auspex 2 on Shaw. Does Shaw have changed memories? Loki saw the stern, sure look on Doyle’s face.

“Well, I would like you to vote for Lady Liliana.”

“I’ll think about it.”

“Is there anything you need? Or I could do, that would sway you towards voting for lady Liliana?”

“I’m trying to work here, Mister Almstedt. And working here usually means focusing on security, not on political shit.” he said turning towards a person who was coming by. “What’s in the bag? “ he asked that person, who thens started showing the contents of it.

After waiting when is checked. “When miss Liliana is elected, it would be in her power to appoint new hounds. We would need a man with your skills and you could get that position. But your vote is needed. And if politics isn’t your thing maybe new job would be in your interest. Think about this over night. I will come back later.” Loki extends his arm “Have a nice evening master Shaw”

He shook his hand.

Scene 3

Loki tries to get in touch with madame Fox via Invictus. Speaking with several of the Invictus vampire, Loki not only arranged a meeting with Madame Fox, but also learned quite a bit about her – her sire is Alder Aspen Hale, she’s a Mekhet, she’s rather good with knives.
The meeting was set in her lands. At one cafeteria working by the beach.

Loki arrives few minutes earlier than arranged and sits down by one of the tables. Looks around for Madame Fox.

She came in not long after – still quite a few minutes before the meeting. She wanted to make sure that she’s not late as well.

“Oh, good evening, Mister Almstedt. Pleasure to meet you.” she smiled.

Loki stands up “Good evening Madam Fox” and offers her a chair. “This place has a nice view. I see why you picked this place”

“Certainly.” she smiled. “So, what could I do for you, Mister Almstedt?”

“Well, I came here to chat about upcoming election” Loki uses auspex 2 on Fox. Has Madam Fox have her memory changed? You see as her eyes are a little bit dreamy, she seems to be imagining some things.

“A topic on everyone’s lips. With what happened to Councillor Allen, the question is who’ll be brave enough. And it also seems that Invictus is likely to get a majority there. So much for the rebellion.”

“I think that one of the oldest should take that position, but also, the one who has more… “ stops for a seconds to think “modern views on our society. And I would like to sway towards voting for her” Loki smiles.

“And who might she be?” she smiled.

“Dragon Madam, Lady Liliana Wild Adept of Ichor. I think she is best suited for this position”

“And how is she the best? She’s certainly not the most experienced of all the candidates, and the Invictus would certainly be stronger with one of them in position.”

“I think you underestimate her. And she is a member of Invictus”

“But Baron Campbell is higher up in the Invictus and more experienced. Seems like him taking up that position benefits everyone the most.”

“I know it’s not very polite, but… How old are you? For how long you walked this land?”

“Seventeen years.” she smiled.

“Baron Campbell is at least ten times older than you. He has only know Sanctified rule and he will rule like they did. For Invictus sake, that’s good. But if a young vampire like you and me wants to gain some power…” shakes his head “it will be practically impossible. And by voting for Lady Liliana we could change that. Invictus will remain as strong, but for us “youngsters” it opens much more possibilities” Loki smiles

“I highly doubt that. Baron Campbell really grew to being a Baron only when Prince Raven came to power. Such a pity that her rule was so short. Voting for Baron Campbell is voting for stability and a steady growth to power. Madame Luna,” – she corrected the title. – “has a lot to do, but more or less, she wants to use us both as her own stepping stone to power. Why would I want to be used like that?” she asked.

“If I may be so bold. But someone has already used you and erased your memory. I don’t know who or when, but I may restore what is lost to you. But it means you’ll have to vote for Madame Luna”

“If they are of significant value to me – I’ll vote for Madame Luna.” she responded.

“It’s not that simple. I will have to drink your blood. So if you want memories to be restored, either you vote for Madame Luna or drink my blood in return”
“Yeah, right. And what if it’s some minor piece of trespass some ten years ago which is not even relevant anymore? If the memory is of significant value – I’ll vote for her. If not… Then we’ll have to renegotiate.”

“Ok. But works best after a kiss. I know that’s not very common amongst our people, so I am telling you it in advance.” Loki is standing up and looks around “There is no one here. With your permission, I will try to restore your memory”

She nodded, with her eyes intrigued, but wary.

Loki leaned over Madams Fox neck and while giving her a kiss, he drank her blood trying to make an artificial Blood tie. And while still applying kiss to her, Loki tries to restore her memories.

Her face first went with a little joy, as the Kiss overwhelmed her, then it moved into surprise and anger. She pushed Loki away, kicking at the table. The flower pot shattered on the ground.

“Ahhhh.” she shouted. Grabbing onto the railing to hold on for a second. Moments passed in silence. The memory which Loki drank away with her blood started to surface in his mind. It was a fellow Invictus member – Mister Arnold, inviting her for dinner and buying her an extremely fancy dress to come in.

“She shall have my vote, as promised.” she murmured.

“I suppose it’s not my business, but can I help you with your restored memory?” Loki ask sincerely

“Mister Arnold has raped me.” she murmured further.

Loki tries to remember something about mister Arnold. Mister Arnold was a rich member of the Invictus, Childe of Lord Herbert Brewer, Speaker and the Notary of the Invictus. However, he himself were not as high ranking as one would suspect of someone whose sire is as influential as Lord Brewer.

Veronica turned away. “Thank you for meeting with me.”

“I suspect you are plotting your revenge. If you ever need my help, just call me” Loki pulls out a paper with his number on it. And hands it to Madame Fox.

Scene 4

Loki goes back to No Name Bar in hopes of meeting Shaw.

This time Shaw was inside the bar. There was another burly guy by the door. He was sitting together with a few men laughing loudly. When he saw Loki, he said something to them and stood up.

Loki slowly started walking towards Shaw. Loki extended his arm “Good evening master Shaw”

Doyle shook Loki’s hand. “I thought it over. And no, being a hound doesn’t interest me. I already refused such an offer from Ruby.”

Loki uses Auspex 2 on Shaw.

What is his dirge?
What is he most afraid of now?
What is one of Shaw’s psychological vulnerabilities?

“Hmmm. I am sad to hear it.” Loki thinks about Shaw’s political position in the city (allies and enemies)

The beast drew a picture in Loki’s head. As the bar started crumbling all around him, Doyle jumped forward ready to rend limb from limb in order to protect it – his home.
“Well, if you would vote for Madame Luna, we could arrange a good deal for you. You would be able to sense any vampire that enters your land and get some other benefits. How does that sound for you? And if you ever need any help with your lands, I would help you. All that for your vote”

He considered that for a moment. “Sounds fine.”

Loki extends an arm to shake on a deal. And gives a card with his number. “In case you need to find me. Have a pleasant evening master Shaw.”

Scene 5

The election came through. While Baron Campbell had a lot of support, he still lost by a fraction to Lilian Luna. Both Master Shaw and Madame Fox came through with their promise and have voted for Madame Luna as promised.

Cacaphony #6

secrets secrets secrets

Somewhere in New York
some time ago

“So it’s over?”

“It’s over for them, yes. Kill Marcus and Rotgrafens shall leave the city.”

The man nodded. “I’ll get it done then. But what about her? She could be greatly used now.”

“Let’s leave it as it is. Once she’s done her little grab at power, we’ll decide if we need to remind her who we really are.”

Cacaphony #5



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