New York : Vampire

Letter to Lord Lynch, sent by Mister Milton

Dear Lord Alder Martin Lynch, Notary of New York, My Liege,

What a delight it is to receive such a beautiful letter straight from You! Seeing ‘Notary’ under your Signature is an even more charming touch, which will be embellishing your letters even more now.

The death of my late vassal during the madness of Strix last year has left me with an… emotional scar and I never gave much thought on looking for someone else to offer an Oath, mostly out of fear that I wouldn’t be able to protect them if such a calamity happens again. However if such an established person as Lord Lynch himself is offering his blessing to look out for a new opportunity, I cannot really say no to that.

I hope I am not offending you, Dear Liege, but your young Miss has fallen into my eyes. She’s already showing signs of being a perfect Kindred for our Society. She is taking herself in control of some position, she knows the etiquette and her performance in recent Elysium was most exquisite. Seeing how I have helped her and you in past, and what mutual relationship we already had, if you didn’t have other plans, Lord Notary, I would like to offer myself to help with her Training and also to be her Liege and Sponsor afterwards, as she already seems to be on her first steps to becoming a Madame.

I look forward to hearing from you and continuing our partnership.

Yours sincerely,
Dragon Mister Daniel Milton, Player of New York

Dear Lord Alder Martin Lynch, Notary of New York, My Liege,

After leaving your office at an uneasy truce, I would like to apologise for looking a bit brash towards you. Your words sparked emotions in me which should not have appeared, but at least I am happy that this did not anger you much.

After giving a bit of thought, I can see that there is a perfect way for Miss Mangano both to show her worth and also to get more ‘stability’ for her. The building I told you about – it will be repurposed into our Coterie’s home and haven. There is one little problem which is blocking us from that right now – Kine are still living there. While I was mulling over ideas on getting rid of them, I forgot that Genovese family has been growing over the last few moments and now is encompassing more Manhattan than ever before. I was about to send Councillor Bassani to get the family into business, but now you can see where I am going. I will still send him to Miss Mangano, and they together can work out a solution. In return, I offer a personal place in the Haven equal to anyone from Coterie, which will not be challenge-able, and a Guest Suite for you, My Liege Lord, if you ever need a couple of days of laying low.

With this letter you should find the preliminary plans for how the building will be used, to act as reassurance that this is not just words. I will be awaiting your answer.

Yours sincerely,
Dragon Mister Daniel Milton, Player of New York, Slave of Ordo, Your Vassal

Dragon Mister Daniel Milton, Player, Slave of Ordo, My Vassal,

It seems that you indeed can build plans. If this haven of yours works out and Miss Isabella does not mess up in clearing it, I think this would be for the better. She would be closer to the Genovese family, and she would be able to better assist you, alongside learning our ways.

I’ll speak with her and I’ll arrange her to meet you two not far away from the building where you can iron out the details.

Best regards,
Lord Martin Lynch, Notary of Invictus

Cacophony #11
Chp 14: Justice between Monsters
And how not to dispense it

Our young coterie surprisingly did not have time to vent steam last time, so now they decided to do that doubly so – or at least so did Councilor Alfonso “Tesoro” Basani and Dragon Mister Walter Alistair McClanahan. The argument mainly was about how to deal with Master Gus “Gus” Redmond – a suspect at killing his helper Miss Judy Gonzalez. At least this time it did not go to a fist fight – although a random bystander did feel the Gangrel’s fist as the unlucky Kine was dominated by the Ventrue. But after some bickering, the Coterie just decided “Let’s get food.” and that hung in the air, especially with Grand Elysium looming the next day.

And the Elysium was grand indeed as whole city was invited, and a large part of it showed up there, even a couple of Carthian-turned Rotgrafens. It happened at the theater in Manhattan and Madame Suzanna Mccloskey was the host of it. Planned entertainment was a showmanship duel between two fighters – Madame Evelyn Smith and Mister Nathaniel Arden – and a play by Dragon Mister Daniel Milton, and there was also the matter of judging new Embrace rights by the council.

The notes get a bit scrawly here, and seems they were not edited, but simply glued into a page.
Why was Master Coleman carrying Mister Walter’s gift to Lord Brewer – a bonsai tree?
Councilor Tesoro had a semi-private chat with Bishop Adelia Hutchings.
And the show is about to beg….. The scrawl turns completely unreadable with few wild lines
WHO MANAGED TO MAKE SUCH A BELL OF PAIN?! Horrible pain. Good thing not many saw that.
And the evening opens with announcement that Alder Lynch is the new Notary. Good to see all the effort didn’t go to waste.
And now the duel arranged by Countess Dori Lawler and Mister Garry Becker. Let’s see what Sir Levine taught the young Madame.
She’s having the upper hand – literally – and rival’s sword.
Boy, is our Councillor into this duel. I imagine he would want to be there but details shmetails.
And a gruesome end to it. A spat in the face of Kindred society.
But now it’s my part, and mother seems to be gleaming at the fact I am doing something for the city.
Okay, the little speech about history done, now let’s hope I wasn’t that bad of a director as I thought.
There is a clear rip mark at this spot
Of course it had to be roses. Thanks to whoever sent them. Like my life didn’t have enough of those prickly flowers.
Dumped them at the nearest vase and threw it to the deepest corner. I hope nobody reminds me to pick them up home.
At least the play went well. I guess a poetry reading would do well next time though, to avoid this nonsense.
And now it’s time for the Council. Several Kindred are waiting for a chance.
Seems our Councillor is taking well to my advice. Both Alder Lynch and Miss Mccoy get the right of Embrace, and he doesn’t seem to be denying other requests without first seeing what others say.
And the formal part finishes up. I hope that lets me rejoin my friends finally.
Councillor Tesoro seems to be popular today too – both Miss Isabella Mangano and Mister Becker have a chat with him – while Mister Walter also had a chat of his own with the law enforcement.
And Tesoro manages to get himself humiliated in front of whole society, by non-other than his Sheriff King… So much effort spent but enough waste produced as well.
And finally is this madhouse over. I just want sleep. But need to do these first properly.
There is another rip mark here, like the author was hesitating to keep this glued, and the hectic notes end.

With the Elysium over, the problem of Master Redmond still floated above the Coterie’s heads – with Mister Walter wanting to bring him to justice. Eventually it was decided that they would simply go to Hell’s Kitchen and, with help of Dragon Milton, see whether the rumors were true. Oh, what a stupid idea that was, especially with one of the muscle trio – Master Poe Dellaware – absent. By the sheer blind luck, they manage to find the Nosferatu in an alleyway, not far from his latest feeding spot. While Mister Milton was tapped into Master Redmond, Master Alex Coleman made sure to quickly turn this into a fight – which quickly ended with him in Torpor and the little kid running away somewhere. At least this wasn’t entirely useless – the Mekhet who was still conscious managed to see much, which he quickly revealed to Councillor Tesoro too. The brutal beatdown of Miss Gonzalez, simply because she brought a Kine of wrong hair color and the fact that he submitted Miss Mccoy into Embracing Miss Gonzalez for him clearly showed his derangement and that he needed to be dealt with. For the City safety at least. Now it was just a matter of swaying two councillor’s into declaring a Blood Hunt on him, as the Mekhet visions are not valid evidence. At least Alder Aspen Hale was helpful again in raising her own Childer.

A short summary of Daniel's play
Any coincidences with real life are accidental

It all begins with a newly blooming love between two Kindred John and Jane – not the one-sided Vinculum one, which debases our society – but something more pure and human-like. Their Coterie mates aren’t very happy with that, thinking that this is childish and has no place in their lives, and how they are just wasting time which could be spent gathering power in their Covenant, to which the couple takes little matter, and even start taunting them more, by having more nights off for themselves.

All could be well, but the Cacophony starts buzzing with messages of Strix infestation in City and dangers and precautions of it. Jane takes to caution and goes to hiding while John bravely ventures out looking for her, thwarting the chaos happening all around him. This gathers attraction to one of the Owls, which quickly turns that into obsession to ruin the lovers’ life permanently. At first it does that carefully, by drawing more danger to John and beguiling Jane’s coterie into looking for her – even though she explicitly told them not to do that while this madness isn’t over. But this doesn’t distress the pair much, and the Owl turns to more direct ways of harm.

Eventually, Jane slips up at her feeding attempt and reveals her latest hidey-hole to the Strix. Bored of the long struggle, it assaults her place and forcefully takes possession of her. Jane then sends a message to John to meet her but over the time he became roughed up by the events, and in caution he called to her coterie mates to make sure that nothing goes wrong. They all meet at a rooftop of Empire State Hotel, and nobody sees the possession until it’s too late – the Strix pulls out a wooden stake and drives it straight into John’s heart. The coterie quickly restrains Jane, but not before the deed is done.

Miraculously, John doesn’t pass out, but finds strength to defy his heritage and manages to pull out the stake himself. He turns to the coterie and says: “Friends, we have been in midst of foul play, but I don’t believe this could have been done by my Jane. I feel my life ebbing away from me, so I have one last request. Lock us up here, and let us spend our last night here.” They hesitate, but eventually do that, and the curtain drops as John and Jane are about to turn to ash.

Chp 13: Flower Power
Even monsters can't avoid pollen allergies

Another week, another letter – no wonder when they are numbered. And Master Poe also got a TV with the letter strangely for his tiny flat. At least this time the part of the Coterie who gathered – Dragon Misters Daniel Milton and Walter Alistair McClanahan and also Master Poe Dellaware – got a bit relieved, as the task was to protect another woman – Anna Buchanan – instead of killing her. Of course, the same threat of killing their closest people was applied, to make sure the neonates were giving proper urgency to it. And this time instead of the address they simply knew the place where she had a flower shop, so they decided to pay a little visit to get more clues.

Arriving there, the Kindred were met with a break-in – the window of the shop had a hole in it, and the whole shop seemed to be trashed and Dragon Daniel saw how a woman was attacked by some little clawed monster. Weirdly, this didn’t draw any attention from outside, making them wonder whether this was fresh or not. After a bit of walking around and failed lockpicking attempt by Master Poe, the Mekhet had to use his newly gained abilities again. Inside he found a lot of flowers thrown around, and in the second floor he found Anna hunched in the corner, with flower circle around her. She looked familiar to him – he felt that she should have been a leprechaun – and also the last moment of her attack. Also she seemed to have wooden skin then. He tried looking for the monster or whatever treasure the leprechaun should have amassed but to no luck. so he returned to his body – right as Master Poe was slapping him.

After a bit of explaining and planning, the Coterie decided simply to storm the flat and Master Poe masterfully broke down the door – even a bit too silently, it felt to them. Master Poe stayed downstairs and was cleaning up the place a bit while the Dragons climbed upstairs to find out more how could they help Anna. There they found out that she was actually a Changeling from Arcadia – Faerieland. The flowers supposedly blocked the monster from attacking her, and she needed a way to escape town and deal with the monster. They also finally found out first detail about the Mysterious M – apparently he was called “Milton”, just like Daniel, and later he had a chance to hear this other Milton’s voice to recognize him if there would be a chance in the future. Dragon Walter meanwhile planned what Anna will do after she will get out of the town.

Master Poe appeared for a moment upstairs, scaring the old lady as he was cleaning the protective flowers, but he was asked to stop and form a path from them towards door. And then after a minute Daniel heard a silent thud somewhere far, and rushed down to see the problem – only to almost immediately smash into the Nosferatu as he was fighting the monster right next to stairs – this also must have explained why there was no attention from neighbors or why the door fell so silently. A bit of back and forth fighting, but eventually Master Poe got the upper hand and injured the black thing and forced him to flee. The little runt managed to fit through hole in one jump and land on the street, but the sailor just bodyslammed it straight from the window and smashed its skull. Mister Daniel didn’t get much chance to help out, just passed out to be ready if the monster needed chasing, but quickly returned to body seeing when Poe grabbed the monster on his back.

A small blood feud happened between them, as Dragon Daniel immediately bit down the thing to drink its blood, which caused The Beast to show up in Master Poe and drain the Dragon. This then made Dragon Walter share some blood to Daniel, so he wouldn’t be a threat to the Changeling. The rest of the night went without a trouble – the old lady packed up and was driven off to bus station. Mister Walter packed the body in the car and also got a few more answers about Arcadia, and she was off then to a new place.

A couple of days later, as they were still waiting for anything new from M, the trio decided to take another look into the Strix issue. Master Alex Coleman was not available to help out and Dragon Daniel was still not able to feel Miss Marry “Dusk” Lee, so they decided to look for some outside help – Daniel asked his Sire for help as she also Embraced Dusk, while Master Poe checked in with his Nosferatu friends. Eventually he found one Carthian who has met Dusk recently and the fool blindly trusted her. Thankfully, Master Poe was able to arrange the meeting with Miss Dusk and Master Darrel Hart – even though it was planned in Carthian docks in Staten Island. The Coterie then spent the rest of the day planning a trap for the Strix, which involved help from Alder Aspen Hale and Miss Ruby King .

A new letter

Task #2

Anna Buchanan is in danger, she’s being hunted. Help her escape or they will perish. She has a small flower shop near Montefiore Square.

Chp 12: Blood Bath
Such a waste of Kine's Blood...

Finally back to writing this book. That play took longer than I thought. But it’s good to be back writing this – even if I don’t ever finish it.

Apparently, the young Coterie was having quite a lot of fun while Dragon Mister Daniel Milton was writing his first play and delving beyond the Earth to master Auspex. Messing with Strix, setting themselves ablaze twice, dragging him to New Haven and then getting into trouble with some M guy. But his -friends- packmates (Such a… crude… word. Councilor Alfonso “Tesoro” Basani’s idea) needed help where only he had the expertise, so how could he not help. While they were planning to get information about this Strix from their rituals and also calling Hackerman to check out Pat Wolfe – the target of M – and some guy called Ellias HaleDragon Mister Walter Alistair McClanahan’s business, not Mister Daniel’s – Daniel decided to follow the address and find out more about Wolfe more intimately. That meant surprising the Coterie by falling into Torpor and projecting himself elsewhere – this was where his mastery took him to.

At first, nothing seemed out of ordinary. A flat full of old furniture, and a supernatural woman preparing romantic dinner for some Kine called Thomas. Alas, the Dragon didn’t delve too deep into the intent of the dinner – which was to poison now late Thomas. What he saw next was even more appalling – the Kine was hanged in the bath, gutted fresh of his blood and then mixed with some other stuff. And then she took a bath in that crimson sea – which apparently was the way how she reached for her immortality. If only she knew there was an easier way to fake it. Sadly, she seemed to know the Kindred, but for some reason did not join them.

Seeing this, Daniel dug for more information in her mind, but eventually his Vitae pressed him to limit and he had to cease only to observing, pondering what could he have learnt from a 600 year old mind. Having seen all, he returned back – to Master Poe Dellaware’s flat. With a bloody bath of Tesoro and Master Alex Coleman. But this was not the same insanity to which Pat Wolfe has went – it was their messy attempts at finding out more about Strix – which didn’t seem to have worked out, at all. Not much was obtained from Hackerman either. So the pack’s brawn decided to follow the M’s direction and kill her – which they promptly did – after beseeching the power from gods. So much for learning more from the lady….. At least there were still the jars.


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