New York : Vampire

Cacophony #14

Week of Tesoro’s trial

The sacrifices we make for the First Estate
Or for holding a grudge on Tesoro

5:56 AM. Damn this hammer is heavy. How the hell do people carry these things? At least it won’t be me who’s jamming this thing down Tesoro. Why did you have to fall to the Beast, man? You could have had everything – we made sure you were on top. And to squander all we gave to you? You could have had as many herds as you wished, you could have red rented everyone. Instead, you go to the Crone. Even then we try helping you. And yet you don’t push no initiative when we offer you plans. And then Lana…….

Alright, it is daybreak soon. Let’s hope Walter is not here at the moment. There was something weird last time I cleaned these fellows. Even though I know almost nothing, I feel some sort of connection with them, something more closer, more intimate. The ectoplasm seemed to ebb and sparkle each time I would apply them. I guess this is the night to test if I can push it somehow. My comrades wake up as beautifully as they all do, but I feel I can add more to these. I feel where they strength is sapped, and I feel I can push those parts. A whisk of ectoplasm on calves, a bit on forearms, and they already feel slightly more vivid. Then a gulp of that potion, and I should have no problems directing them.

First the door stands in front of us. If only Tesoro didn’t know how to fly. Maybe he would be more communal and forget about door locks. And the powers I have really won’t let me move this door out of the way. Maybe another Lucy appears now and blows off the door. Hey, anyone, could you please get this door out of my way? No one? Oh well. Boys, bash through this door. Just as I say that I see that they are not the servants of old. Their hits have more vigor in them, and they themselves don’t feel that lethargic. But this also seems to have effect on their condition – these deteriorate much faster. If only I could work around this. Maybe my friendship with them couldn’t be so one-sided. Maybe one day. But for now I will have to make sure to set out more blood for them. They will deserve that.

With the door gone, I find something what was bugging me for a couple of weeks now. So it was Tesoro who did have a friend of his own. I thought I was alone in here. If I only I knew earlier about this. Maybe there could have been some salvation. Yet now I don’t have time to investigate. The stake it is. I give the hammer and stake to one of the men and show them where to strike. The first few hits don’t go well, but Tesoro doesn’t even flinch. All the more evidence that a strong Beast slumbers in him. Eventually it is done, as well as a man without mind could do, and we pick up both bodies to carry to the car.

Drive off to a different parking so I wouldn’t have to meet Walter, and then the long wait begins. I wonder what will I have to do to awaken Lana? Will it be like Embrace, or will it be something different? Let’s hope I get my permission at Elysium. Maybe I should check out the crematorium a few corners away while I am passing time.

The night comes, and I leave the bodies with Lady Parsons, getting Poe back, knowing he is not guilty. The price is large, but I feel it was just. She said well – it really is justice, not pulling a scapegoat. Now to bring Poe back to Coterie and remove this stake from him.

The sacrifices we make for science
Or for shining medallions

Walter’s hands trembled as he crouched over the woman’s body. Blood was dripping from his mouth as his mind was taken away by the pleasure draining vitae has given him. His eyes came back into focus as he felt primal part of self smile. She did taste differently, he was sure of that, but he didn’t feel different as he pointed his hand at nearby chair and concentrated. It only slightly trembled as he finally exhaled exhorted from the struggle.

Walter lost his balance at that point and tumbled forward stopping himself from falling face first only with an elbow into to Alysha’s breast. He slowly recovered feeling horribly angry. Not for that has he done, but for it didn’t work. No pity or remorse just a primal hunger for power not satisfied and rage of failure.

Finally composing himself, he went through he body methodically searching for any useful items. He was let down by find only a simply phone, wallet and some other worthless trash until Dragon noticed the medallion on her neck. It was ocean blue jewel, probably sapphire held by two mermaids on a silver chain. As he touched it, sapphire lighted up a bit. O was it just the angle of light reflected from it?

Captivated Alistair held her head up and took it down. It shimmered beautifully in his hand, reflecting light from the last remaining light bulb surviving the battering, which happened earlier. He put it on greedily and pointed the hand at the same chair. For a moment nothing happened, but when it practically flew through the air in to the wall, breaking into splinters and pieces. Medallion shone bright blue and stopped as the deed was done.

Dragon smiled, even though his hands were still trembling…


Cue the Seinfeld
'intro music playing'

Dragon Mister Daniel Milton
Dragon Mister Walter Alistair McClanahan
Melvyn Rivers, soon to be Dragon Mister

Also Starring:
Councilor Alfonso ‘Tesoro’ Basani
Lana Carlson
Alysha Kline

Guest Appearance:
Lord Martin Lynch
Dragon Lady Lilian Luna

Written and directed by: Alan Smithee

\————————SCENE 1———————————

Location: Coterie’s Lounge

Mister Milton gets a call from Lady Luna. From the talk its certain that she has something urgent to discuss and is coming with Lord Lynch to the Coterie’s place – he is needed for Notary duties. crowd can go a bit surprised, but not too much He then breaks the news to Mister McClanahan, who takes this non-chalantly, more caring about the experience he underwent with Alysha Kline and how they would go on with that, and the news that the City will not care about the Hunter threat to his company.

Note: During the scene Mister Milton should notice that Wyrm’s Nest is transforming into a penthouse thanks to Mister McClanahan’s neverending wallet.

\————————SCENES 2-3———————————

Location: Coterie’s House Entrance → Lounge → Wyrm’s Nest → Lounge

The two Dragons meet Lady Luna and Melvyn Rivers at the Entrance. audience whistling at Luna’s appearance The Kogaion presents Melvyn as Childer of Miss Tiffany “Snake” Garcia and suggests him as a vassal for Mister Milton for helping to keep Wyrm’s Nest protected and away from others help, much to everyone’s surprise, audience included. However, inquisitive questioning of Mister McClanahan would paint the image that Mister Milton is getting a fresh mold to work with instead of a proper retainer – with an almost complete lack of Kindred knowledge. Note: Melvyn should look more and more nervous with each question. It is fine to add a laugh track at the end, but don’t overdo it

In the meanwhile, Lady Luna also asks to have a look around of the Wyrm’s Nest, before returning back to Lounge when Lord Lynch appears (even more whistling) and handles the Oath. After that both Lord and Lady leave, and the trio are alone. A bit more nervous questioning, and Mister McClanahan leaves Mister Milton alone to deal with Melvyn’s tutoring.

Note: Find a window in-between the scenes to show that Mister McClanahan gave some sort of book to Lady Luna.

\————————SCENE 4———————————

Location: Alleyway behind College Pub, Manhattanville

Upon hearing that Melvyn Mister Rivers has never tasted human vitae on his own, Mister Milton decides that the best idea would be to send him out in the field and try teaching him how to use his powers for feeding from people. cuing laughter just at the idea is a possibility They spend a bit of time searching, only to get a bit sidetracked into a darker alleyway where two thugs are loitering. audience goes OOOOHHHH It is clear that Mister Milton’s plan went into shambles before even starting out, so he just stands frozen, leaving the inexperienced Mister Rivers to act. He decides looking tough, using Nightmare to make himself more dreadful, but these thugs have seen scarier stuff. Then he somehow finds the bravery to try to land an awkward hit (followed by wild laughter), which gets their attention, trying to beat them up. Mister Rivers weaves out of the hits and runs away, whereas Mister Milton steals another thug’s hat and taunts him – and gets hit squarely in the nose, breaking it. the laugh track doesn’t stop the entire time However, a bit of bone readjustment, and Mister Milton runs away from the thugs without any further harm – making the duo separated.

Note: Perfect break for commercial afterwards

\————————SCENE 5———————————

Location: Alleyway behind College Pub, Manhattanville (No budget for another scenery, hopefully no one will notice)

After a bit of time, Mister Rivers finds a hobo sleeping, and the Beast tempts him, as he is really, really hungry. The crowd starts out with disgust, turning into laughter as Mister Rivers becomes more loose and ravenous with the poor guy. Afterwards, he runs away confused, much to the amusement of the audience

\————————SCENE 6———————————

Location: Coterie’s House Entrance → Lounge

Mister Rivers runs into the house and starts panickingly bashing the door, before finding the doorbell and starting to frantically hold it. the audience is losing itself Mister McClanahan is shown playing the piano, not hearing the commotion at first, before standing up frustrated and slowly heading for the entrance. There, he scolds Mister Rivers for his manners, as well as for his sloppy feeding, once he hears about it. Tesoro makes an appearance, getting surprised at the new Kindred in their house. The older Dragon then sends the young Mister back to the alleyway to clean it up.

Just as Mister McClanahan returns to his piano, Mister Milton comes back, asking if Mister Rivers beat him to the house. He doesn’t care much for Mister McClanahan’s mood, and leaves as soon as he hears about Mister Rivers’s whereabouts.

\————————SCENE 7———————————

Location: Alleyway behind College Pub, Manhattanville

The body is in the same pose as left before. Another bum is nearby, checking up on the body. Mister Rivers comes and scares the bum away by threatening to call the cops – adding in Nightmare to the mix. Then he struggles a bit with the body, before eventually dropping it into dumpster and covering it in trash somewhat, then leaves.

Time fast forwards a bit and Mister Milton appears in the scene. Thanks to his senses, he easily finds the dumpster, however, there he finds not one, but two bodies, the new one having its throat ripped out. can’t decide besides scared surprise and laughter tracks. just play both and hope for best The scene fades away as Milton sighs at the sight of two bodies and starts scratching his ear.

\————————SCENE 8———————————

Location: Coterie House Entrance

Mister Rivers comes back, this time clicking the doorbell once, as taught by Mister McClanahan. Mister McClanahan is shown playing the piano again, and the whole starting sequence looks like a dejavu. He eventually lets in Mister Rivers, still mad at the youth’s goofing up, but giving him the key to the house grudgingly. Tesoro makes another appearance, complaining about finding a body in a dumpster (cue the laughter), leaving soon after as Mister Rivers just continues stuttering and grumbling about it. Just after that, Mister Milton is back, with the two bodies reanimated. the crowd goes wild cheering and laughing After scolding Mister Rivers himself for not caring about the bodies after their forced transcendence, he leads the bodies upstairs to take care of them. Mister McClanahan just shakes his head in disappointment as he leaves the scene, leaving confused Mister Rivers alone.

Note: Another commercial after this

\————————SCENE 9———————————

Location: Daniel’s Room

Mister Rivers comes up to Mister Milton’s room, wishing to learn more about the Ordo Dracul, only to be surprised and disgusted by the smell coming from his room. As Mister Milton opens the door, the smell just gets stronger, forcing Mister Rivers to cover his nose. Requested an explanation, Mister Milton simply shows him the room _(whistling at Lana’s appearance should be avoided this time as this reveal was already made few times in this season) and explains that he takes care of them after they have transcended from their bodies. While Mister Rivers gets visually disgusted by the sight, he doesn’t wish for further explanation and the duo have their expositional block, after which Mister Milton decides to show him how a proper clean feeding happens.

\————————SCENE 10———————————

Location: College Pub, Manhattanville (Just remember to remove all markings, it’s not supposed to be this specific pub)

A quick interlude, showing Mister Milton as he sips blood from one of his designated Herd and explains to Mister Rivers why they are so receptive from being drained. He then offers him a few different ways at how he could handle his feeding, as Mister Rivers swears not to drink human blood. Included in those ways was an offer for him to simply drink from Mister Milton every time, but being kind, he warned him about the risk, letting him to choose later.

\————————SCENE 11———————————

Location: Empty Warehouse

Mister McClanahan meets Alysha Kline to continue investigating his newly gained power. However, during experimenting, it goes out of control and the items start flying chaotically, pummeling them on their flight. One of them hits Alysha squarely in the skull, knocking her out and making her bleed. Mister McClanahan tries both patching it up and, when that fails, ghouling her but nothing works out. Not having much more options, he shouts out: “For Science!” and drains the body to the fullest. The scene fades away at this point.

cue the outro music

The dragon chained

Teeth biting into his lower lip Walter released the painful grunt as he felt it twirl inside him. He thrashed at the bindings holding him down onto the table, with chest exposed. The stranger next to the table stepped away aghast. Walter thrashed again as it took his mind and the objects around starting flying like start.

His lower lip a complete mess of torn flesh, his wrists chafed against the metal, his chest completely naked and exposed, Walter finally released the scream of pain and release as the items around him smashed into walls.

Chp 17: From All for One to One for All
It's now the Dragon's Hour

Dragon Mister Daniel Milton was standing alone, ready to go to a meeting with Miss Cathleen Daily. He was nervous, shaking just from a thought what might happen in the next hour. Master Alex Coleman was dead; Master Poe Dellaware was detained by the Sheriff and probably staked; Dragon Mister Walter Alistair McClanahan was stuck with the Mage, doing an experiment; and Master Alfonso ‘Tesoro’ Basani was eternally busy. But it was the Dragon’s Hour – on it hinged probably the last hope of Master Poe avoiding corporal punishment – and maybe the coterie would be hit with way more trouble even if meeting went okay. So, how did it come to such a point where Daniel was left alone?

T minus 3 days

Daniel just finished his early dusk routine – applied some ectoplasm to the more troublesome spots of his friends, opened windows to move air a bit, got himself into a suit. He came for another meeting with the coterie, finding only Masters Poe and Coleman in the meeting room – and he immediately realized it was going to be one of THOSE days – Master Coleman started the day by insulting Daniel’s friends while Master Poe could barely sit calmly, still mad at the fact that he had a ghost in him. Apparently he already got into a heated argument with Miss Daily, which resulted in him losing his phone, yet he wanted for more revenge. He desired her death. Master Coleman, as always, was not useful in deterring from such vile suggestions, so Daniel had no other choice than to warn Lady Lilian Luna and Daily about Master Poe’s state and that he was coming mad, and after that Daniel and Master Coleman followed him to the address Miss Daily had given, in hopes of stopping the madness.

As they came to the flat, the others couldn’t even speak a word as Master Poe immediately started bashing the reinforced door. After a few hits, it crumbled down in a spectacular fashion, revealing a pissed off man with a shotgun. Daniel tried standing in between the two, but it was no success – Master Poe was lost in a frenzy when the man was equally mad at him. After a shootout and several blows, Master Poe eventually got the upper hand and drained the man. But it was not enough. Master Coleman, in a way usual to him, suddenly launched a windmill kick at Master Poe, smashing him to wall and breaking a couple of bones. This sent the Haunt to a new spree of Frenzy – this time killing poor Master Coleman – not even combined power of Master Coleman, Daniel and his newly raised Porter was enough. After killing two people, Master Poe finally snapped out of it, sorrowful of what happened. After a quick checkup on the flat, the two Kindred left with the bodies for home.

In there, they found Mister Walter and Miss Isabella Mangano chatting about Invictus. It was really a big surprise to them, seeing shriveled body of Master Coleman and a Porter walking in together with Daniel and Master Poe. Miss Mangano almost immediately called the Sheriff, while Mister Walter first tried testing Master Poe if holy water worked against ghost. It did, but it was not enough to kill it. At that point Daniel finally realized that “Lucy” was actually not just an observer – she was at fault for blowing off the door. But what was done was done. Daniel brought the Porter and Master Coleman’s body upstairs while Master Poe was collected by the Law.

T minus 2 days

The Dragons had to arrange a meeting with Lady Luna quickly to explain the current situation. But to make sure their point would be reached, they first thought about trying to get some leverage by capturing Per Vim Morte. Having little Vitae, Daniel called for a quick hunt, which ended in one guy getting the shakes from draining too much blood. After that, not having much information, they arranged a crude plan to go by – the Dragons and three Porters would get the box, coated with Bane material, in place, and then Mister Walter would take up position shoving the spirit into the box with two plates coated in the same material, while Daniel would be directing him with the help of Auspex. It all went well until the moment when all of their Porters expired, as it took Daniel that long to get connection with the Spirit. The next shot was aimed at Daniel, which shocked him severely. He still managed to get one of the Porters back up while healing up the damage and directing Mister Walter. And the plan worked – too well actually – as the Spirit died from two touches, instead of being captured. While saddened by the fact that they lost their leverage and experiment material, they were at least happy with the fact that they finally claimed the Wyrm’s Nest to themselves. They still had to meet Lady Luna though.

T minus 1 day

The meeting went fairly smoothly. The Dragons wrote up the speech which helped somewhat, and they managed to get partial agreement from Lady Luna to vote for a lighter punishment for Master Poe. That left one vote to arrange – following the thought that Master Basani didn’t go crazy and wouldn’t sentence his bodyguard to death. The best choice for getting that vote was Good Alder Lucia Parsons – Daniel already had been her Voice, and they needed an Invictus vote so it wouldn’t look weird for the City why an unexpected outcome would come out of it. Lady Kogaion Luna also congratulated them on becoming Nest’s Guardians.

After this, the Dragons spent a bit of time discussing the loss of possible experiment and what should they do instead. To Daniel’s surprise, Mister Walter agreed to undergo the same ritual Daniel had, assuming Alysha agreed to perform it again – which she did. They arranged it to happen at the beginning of the next night.

The Present

The night didn’t start well. Daniel again came hungry – and his resources were all spent already by the past events. Mister Walter kindly offered part of his blood, but Daniel couldn’t hold himself calm, and drained the Ventrue almost clean. This meant delaying the ritual – to the anger of Alysha – and a murder on hands of Mister Walter – Daniel refused to come with him for such a terrible duty, instead helping out the Mage. However, quickly he got kicked out of the place as he pulled out his handbook trying to copy the ritual. The Mage took offense at that and nothing could calm her. He had to leave Mister Walter alone due to that.

Being left alone, he arranged meeting with Miss Daily before getting in touch with Miss Parsons, in hopes that he could arrange a plan before pleading to the Councillor. And here he was – nervous, afraid, not knowing of what was awaiting him.

Ghosts, spirits and stakes

So the other Dragon Mister finally came back finally came back. Turns out that he was gone, because he fell down from the rooftop after trying to communicate with the “transformatorine” he spent a few weeks in torpor and he also had a jar stuck in his leg… Now he wanted us to stake his (ex?) girlfriend Lana, as he was afraid that his Invictus friends might hurt or Poe (who was very eager to take her down to the sewers with him: ) might finally go ahead with his plan. Alex didn’t care much about her, but it didn’t seem to him like it a nice thing to do to him. Weren’t these silly Invictus customs supposed to be a thing of the past? But Walter also thought that this was the right thing to do, and he’s usually right most of the time, so Alex reluctantly agreed to help them.

It didn’t work as well they might have expected, as she ran away using the special skills Daniel taught her, the moment Poe charged her with a pointy object in his hands. Obviously she he ran to Daniel for help who tried pretending that he’s going to help her, but obviously anyone could see through his deception by now. Eventually Poe caught up with her outside the house and did the “right thing” by driving the stake right into her heart after knocking her down to the ground…

The next night Walter agreed to give Poe his vial of “Solace” in exchange for allowing him to experiment on him for half of the day. He didn’t find anything particularly interesting, aside from one thing. When was performing the “mirror test” on Poe for a brief moment he glimpsed a dark-haired woman dressed in white standing still in the background. Mildly distraught, the next night they told the rest of the Coterie about it. And after concentrating his senses Alex was able to see a figure standing right behind Poe – she even reacted to their presence as she scrambled to the edge of the room when Alex tried to approach her. With Walter’s aid they were able to devise a method to communicate with her – by writing down the entire alphabet on a scrap of paper.

Turns out that Miss Daily, who had intentions to peddle this drink in New York, was actually making [it from human spirits which were imprisoned in the potion].. The ghost was begging Alex to murder Daily, hopping this would free her. But since the ghost seemed to be very unconfused and unsure about what has actually happened to her – she couldn’t even remember her name (they decided to call her Lucy) nobody was too eager to jump right to the killing, and Walter (wise as he usually is) suggested to wait until they could learn more about what’s actually happened.

They managed to convince the ghost to help them deal with the “transformatorine” spirit on the roof. Apparently Daniel had a vision, before hitting the ground (by the sound of it might have been caused by the brain injury he sustained when he hit the ground) turns out that this electricity spirit was afraid of insulation coating on wires lying on the roof, just outside the shack, so Walter thought that if they found out what material it’s made from they could construct a box from it and imprison the spirit inside. They devised a plan: they would go upstairs, run to the shack, Poe and Walter would grab the wires, while Alex and the ghost, Lucy would try communicating with spirit. It didn’t go exactly to plan cause the spirit wasn’t there, they did get the wires, though… but it turned out that they were just that – ordinary wires….

Daniel's Letter to Master Basani
Remember to pay your debts

A letter is slid in under Tesoro‘s room’s door one night.

Dear Master Alfonso Tesoro Basani, Manhattan’s Councillor of New York, my Coteriemate,

We have missed your impulsive mind so much last week. We were keeping ourselves very busy and your decisiveness and rashness would have been very appreciated.

I am writing to you on behalf of your promise to find me a champion for my duel with Master Darrel Hart. You have promised to talk with Master Poe Dellaware and get him as my champion. However, up to the time of duel – which happened this Sunday – you have not talked with Master Dellaware and have not done the service required and so I was forced to do it myself. This however means that your debt to me for killing and turning my ghoul, Lana Carlson, into a revenant has not been repaid.

I will still be kind for now, and still keep it a secret to make sure your position as councillor’s is not compromised. Instead, I will ask for a more physical repayment of this. Before her death, Lana Carlson was my means of publishing books and earning money from their royalties. With her being effectively dead, this has been void to me. So instead, you will have to be my means – as per usual, for a year and a day (although the day won’t figure into this as usually). I will give you all the details on personal life of Lana and her relatives, as well as access to her house, so you could fabricate any story of her death and make it so that someone of your people would take the rights of current royalties from works I published through her. As well, that person will have to be my new piece for publishing new literary works and earning royalty money.

To make sure that the deal doesn’t come lightly, I request that every month the sum payed for your debt would be $2,500 dollars and not a cent less. If I will earn enough money through my royalties, you are fine as long as the means of getting them are still there, however, if my royalties will dip, the difference will have to be covered by you.

I hope you will respond to this understandably.

Yours faithfully,
Dragon Mister Daniel Milton, Player of New York, Slave of Ordo

Chp 16: Sacrifices
Life is never 'easy and dandy'

First page of the draft is full of watered down and smudged ink, barely readable text and a lot of crossed out lines. Upon better examination, you are pretty sure that the writer for a long time was sitting prone on the paper and crying. It is hard to read in coherent sentences, but you can understand that this page was supposed to talk about Lana’s Carlson staking, however, it is clear that the writer could not find words to express this on paper and was still very distraught about her situation. You see ‘Why did it have to be you?’ and ‘I am sorry’ multiple times in fine print at edges of the page. The next page only has one sentence written in huge capital letters:


After that, the rest of the draft looks to be written in the usual style.

Afterwards, Dragon Mister Daniel Milton decided that it was high time to get rid of the jar he carried as his reminder by apportating it out of his body in the sight of Master Poe Dellaware. However, he failed to think that part of his flesh was already grown with the jar, and that apportating meant losing control of leg until it was regenerated. Thankfully, Dragon Mister Walter Alistair McClanahan had some blood bags he could spare for few days.

The next night, the young Coterie gathered again together and they were discussing the ‘Solace’ drug, produced by Miss Cathleen Daily. Mister McClanahan and Master Dellaware were researching a bit more into it, and Master Dellaware has consumed another dose of it to spend the previous day with his former wife as a human. However, during research, suspicions were raised that the drug was having some side effects, and after Mister Milton’s deep senses and the fact Master Alex Coleman could actually see it, they found out that the drug was made out of ghosts, and now Master Dellaware was carrying one – which the coterie eventually called ‘Lucy’, as she didn’t remember her name. The Kindred were split on what to do with the Ghost and the drug’s creator, but they have communicated with it. Its biggest desire was to kill her creator, as she had imprisoned her and made her suffer, but now she was stuck to Master Dellaware, as such was her Ban.

While they couldn’t decide on what to do with Ghost’s fate, they decided to see if she could be useful and attempted to use her to communicate with Per Vim Morte, the Spirit on top of their new home. Mister McClanahan made a perfect plan for storming topside and collecting the cables which were its bane, while the Ghost tried to communicate with it. All went perfect, until a moment when Mister Milton felt it was too calm and that Spirit was completely dormant. However, not wanting to risk too much, he followed everyone down into the building. The Ghost was unable to communicate with the Spirit, but at least the Bane materials were equipped.

While they were planning, Mister Milton also asked Master Dellaware to champion in his upcoming duel with Master Darrel Hart, as Master Alfonso ‘Tesoro’ Basani has not done what was promised. He agreed, and the next night they set out on a ferry between Staten Island and Manhattan to settle the matter. Before the fight, Mister Milton offered some of his Vitae, which has prepared Master Dellaware mentally for the fight and emboldened him. During the duel, Master Hart tried to appeal to friendship of Master Dellaware’s, but thankfully, honor and duty was above feelings in this combat. Although at first it looked like Master Hart had the upper hand, after a few of close blows and a tear into his throat, Master Dellaware managed to put the Carthian unconscious. This, however, has made quite a complication for duel’s victor, as he could neither get Vinculum due to the new law banning it, nor force the reviving of Master Hart so he could serve Mister Milton. He had no other choice but to accept the victory with no rewards. At least the stain itself was cleared.


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