Elizabeth "Vi" Mangano

Broken Socialite


Striking Looks ( Tattoos and pink hair) ••
City Status •
Fame • (Broken)

Pink hair, half-shaved head, huge multiples tattoos. Smells like trouble, real trouble and you know it, yet still want her.

Bitchy, sometimes annoying, sometimes bored, yet always majestic as fuck. Vi’s that one girl, you always wanted to like you. And it kinda seems that she does, even though you don’t really trust that, but you still marvel at any occasion she gives you her attention.

All of that changed when Alina Gilbert tortured her. With the help of Uncle Bob she enslaved her and now uses her as her personal pet.


Youngest daughter of Gable Mangano, mob-boss of Genovese family. Mother died while giving birth. Sisters Isabella and Giosetta have always shed away from dad’s activity and Gable didn’t involve them in any of it due to a promise to his wife. On other hand, Liza, from the young age was highly adventurous and exploring and seemed to enjoy being adored the attention and care from the right people who were constantly visiting their home for auditions with her father.

Gable didn’t forbid her attendance, first it was simply due to enjoying her company and not wanting to cause any of the Liza’s loud screaming attacks when being negated, but later on he relished the possibility to teach the craft to someone in his family, who could hopefully later on take over the “business”.

Elizabeth turned out to be eccentric teen, often sneaking out of home to lend the car for a night ride of some action or partying. The amount of piercings and tattoos on her body increased with age and he started getting recognized by the local community who visited her dad as good-humoured young lady, which you didn’t want to cross.

Farther tried to limit Liza in her adventures by assigning his most loyal bodyguard Wilhelm to her side, but young mischief almost in no time found a special place in his heart and was not stopped in her actions with condition of Wilhelm keeping an eye on her safety, usually from the shadows.

After graduating school both of her sisters were gifted nice houses by the father and moved out to continue with their casual lives. Elizabeth on the other hand, when her turn came, got an unusual present of casino in from her grandfather to get the hands on actual business.

Her striking looks and mannerisms seemed to only help her being the pleasant hostess to all of the guests. Order was maintained thanks to her family connections and thus the establishment flourished and earned significant profit.

She then mysteriously disappeared for 3 full years with no real explanation of what happened in meanwhile.

Everything changed when Vi met some male vampire from circle, their relationship was full of passion and action until she noticed strange things after being with him: memory gaps, feeling weak and the vague memories of strange rituals happening.Liza hated the man for tricking her into some cult, but when she tried to break their relationship – he kidnapped her with himself to New Haven.

He prepared a final ritual where she would have been sacrificed, but due to lucky incident she got embraced by the sire. She never got a proper explanation on what happened and why she was saved by her, but now she was a vampire in a new city with no connections or money.

Liza thought about going back, but had to admit that she still couldn’t control herself or her new desire of blood and was afraid on how would her family react to that she was, so stayed and helped out her new mentor (sire) while learning the nuances of new world.

After few months Wilhelm managed to track her down, but she used her newly obtained skills to charm and blood bond him to her will. He became her muscle and trusted companion in a new world of darkness.

For 3 years she explored the new world of vampires, mostly serving her sire, but never actually fully joining the circle. The memories of abuse against her never went away.

In June 2016, after Rotgrafens attacked Lancea of New York, Elizabeth saw this as a perfect opportunity to return back home, satisfied with her self-control and actually accepting on what she is right now.

Happily her sire had a special mission for her in New York and didn’t mind her going there.

Father: difficult, disappeared for 3 years with no contact besides 1 msg that she is alright and he shouldn’t look for her
Sisters: little to no contact last few years due to fear of being tracked down
Sire: mentor and her new life-giver, without her she would be dead, well completely dead

Elizabeth "Vi" Mangano

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