‡ Alfonso "Tesoro" Basani

Beastly Italian Mafioso


Genovese Family Status •
City Status ••••
Circle of the Crone Status •••
Cacophony •

A Gangrel that prefers a more physical approach to solving problems. Uses his beast alongside his protean abilities to solve his problems. Known ties to the Genovese family. Frequents a fight club owned by the family. Known follower of the Circle of the Crone.


Short tempered, no bullshit, “fuck you” kind of guy. Annoy him, and you might have to reassemble your face from scratch. He’s known for his outbursts – not even his own coterie members are safe from getting their faces punched it. This is complimented by the fact that Tesoro keeps close ties to his beast, unlike many others who struggle against it. “Fucking pussies, that’s what they are. A real man must realize the potential, the power the beast has. There’s no fighting against it. Only fighting alongside..”

There is, however, a brighter side to this fellow. Sure, Tesoro’s a brute. He’ll rip your guts out if he needs to, but his main drive, his motivation is to serve and serve well. He’s not here to acquire riches and power. He’s here to work for you, if you seem worthy enough. Convince him that you’re a true leader, that you have a mission and you will gain a powerful ally. Just don’t try to use him as a toy.. After all, wild animals are not to be toyed with.

Tesoro’s been hanging around the Genovese family since he was a child. At first, he started doing simple jobs – selling contraband, smuggling small amounts of packages throughout the town. Time passed and as the boy became a teenager his tempers began to show. One client tried to fuck him over, one client nearly died. Some bloke tried to mug him in the streets, the same bloke was found dead only a few weeks later. The family saw great value in this young man. A true “Treasure”, so to say. And as Tesoro grew, so did his power. He started attending the family fight club where he dished out punishment when he felt like it. And even though this man could’ve easily taken the wheel of the family once he came of age, he never did. He was there to serve the family, not the other way around.

If there’s a section of Tesoro’s afterlife that should be highlighted it’s his friendship with Seed. It started out a bit rough. Tesoro felt like Seed was his rival, a thorn that had to be taken out. But after seeing him fight, slice people (and fairies) with his sword and outsmart every god damn motherfucker he met, Tesoro grew fascinated of the man. He even promised to save a human girl that Seed cared about from the Sheriff. However, that’s where things turned for the worse. The beast, who worked alongside Tesoro for years, decided on a plan of it’s own and killed the girl. Seed confronted and almost killed Tesoro, but at the last moment he spared him. In return, Tesoro promised to join the Circle of the Crone. He felt grateful. He was ready to serve. He wanted all the best for Seed. But that did not last too long.. And Tesoro was back at square one again.

‡ Alfonso "Tesoro" Basani

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