‡ Oliver Hart


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Sire: Ima Noti

An ex-cop with a twisted sense of justice whose firm belief that the ends justify the means decides his every step.

Has WW2 revolver left to him by his grandfather that he always carries with him.


Born in a poor neighbourhood to a lower class family, Oliver had a pretty rough childhood. The streets have taught him hard lessons that formed the way he looks at the world.

Apart from other hobbies and free time activities he had as a child having the need to protect himself Oliver got into Boxing. He was very good at it too, winning a number of countrywide tournaments during his college years, but even though he was promised great future in the sport he has never pursued a sportsman’s career.

Unlike most of the young people from his circle Oliver never got caught in any serious trouble with authorities apart from occasional assault charges or other small caliber crimes. He has also managed to stay away from drugs or joining a gang which there were plenty.

With years Oliver only grew to hate his surroundings more and more, eventually reaching the point of hate for the low life criminal scum of the streets. This led to his career choice of becoming a cop.

Over the years in the force Oliver was quite successful eventually reaching the rank of a sergeant. Even though methods of work Oliver employed were questionable both legally and morally they brought in great results for the precinct so the commandment usually turned a blind eye on Oliver’s misdoings.

Oliver never got a chance to settle down and get a family, but if there was anything more precious to him than Grandfather’s revolver or his ideals it was his daughter Elizabeth. His love for his daughter, short temper and hate for criminals were the reasons his life eventually took a very unexpected turn.

Elizabeth being a “young stupid, stupid girl”, as Oliver told her thousands of times by now got mixed up with a “bad” company which eventually led to her taking a dose of low quality drugs which put her in a hospital and almost cost her life. Oliver born and raised in the streets with the help of his fists to get the right answers, quickly found the ones responsible. Not waiting for the official investigation to end he stormed the gang’s hideout with a couple of officers under his control resulting in a bloodshed with a few policemen casualties. The story was all over the news and this time Oliver had no chance to get away, not that he cared honestly. Luckily enough apart from being fired from the force Oliver got off without any criminal charges the attack on the gang written down as self-defense.

Now with the new powers, he has acquired after the embrace he is working as a private investigator, helping his fellow kindred with a much-needed revolution, taking care of his daughter and beating the living shit out of criminals in his spare time.


‡ Oliver Hart

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