‡ Melvyn Rivers

Shy hero, Slave of the Curse


Ordo Dracul Status: •
Nosferatu Status: •

Sire: Tiffany “Snake” Garcia


While still being alive Melvyn’s life was a never ending nightmare. Constantly being beaten up, bullied and called names from kindergarten to highschool and beyond.
Painful childhood led Melvyn to isolate himself from the real world reading comic books or other fiction and playing video games. The only pleasurable social encounters for him where talks with his mom, and the time spent in the comic book store, that he grew very fond of, with like minded individuals.

Melvyn was always quite good at studies which didn’t help his status amongst his peers, but did help him to get into a decent college to study biology. Enduring the same type of treatment there and feeling homesick he voluntarily left the college and came back home.

Upon his return he started working in a local library and renting a small flat in the same apartment building as his favorite comic store.

For several years he has enjoyed his monotonous life without anyone bothering him, until one night while coming home from work he stumbled into a few “acquaintances” from his school years. They have “convinced” him to come to a party nearby with them swearing that they have changed and that they are sorry for bullying him in the past.

Not unexpectedly to Melvyn his new “friends” quickly reminded him and everyone at the party how he was drowning in a public toilet or locked in a locker. He quickly became a laughing stock of everyone there. Not willing to take this anymore Melvyn tried to get out of that place, but was stopped by the ones that invited him. During their brief fight Melvyn tripped and hit the back of his head on a sharp corner.

Fearing consequences a few people from the party decided to dump his dead body into a river, but that was not the end of Melvyn’s story, luckily or unfortunately he was woken up by a thing he never has thought existed outside his fictional media…

‡ Melvyn Rivers

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