‡ Martin Lynch

Lord, Alder, Notary


City Status •••
Invictus Status •••
Notary of the Invictus

Disciplines: Majesty
Devotions: Summoning

Liege of Daniel Milton
Sire of Isabella Mangano

Interested in Genovese


Martin was painfully punished, with a burning rod across his face. He’s approaching an elder age, yet a lot of people think he’s still quite young.

Roughly ~150 years old.
Has close ties with his mortal family – together in real estate business
Has an ancient sword with which fought in the younger days. Expected to be of value, at least sentimental one.
The “smile” was cut out by previous prince as some sort of punishment.
Quite rich
Controls Lynch Real Estate Company through his living family members – Morris Lynch and Rosalie Lynch.

Killed by Perseus and Poe

‡ Martin Lynch

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