Kent "Middleman" Conway



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Sire: Anton Stone


Kent Conway is known as “Middleman” amongst the Carthians. Need a place to lay low after raising heat? He will get you a crash place. Need a new lock picking toolset? He will find the right guy who deals in illicit tools. Need a new gun? He will point you to a site which will ship it quicker than FedEx on their best day. Just got trashed by a werewolf? He will find you a night doctor.

He was so from University already while studying medicine – although then it would be getting booze past curfew and reselling whatever he would pocket from University. After graduating, he continued doing that in one of the Staten Island’s hospitals, expanding his services to fixing up gunshots with “No Questions Asked” policy and renting out a couple of flats for people in need of a hidey-hole. Such activity eventually caught attention of the local vampire, who was looking for ways to increase his revenue, and so Kent got Ghouled by it and started serving it. His activities didn’t change much, though from time to time he would get some weird clients with weird issues, yet by being approved by the Vampire, he didn’t give much thought on it and just helped out in whatever was needed.

After a couple of years of such servitude, as he learned a tiny bit more about the Kindred Society, he was offered a chance to Embrace, upon which he agreed – he was already stuck in it, so he felt there was no point in half-assing it and being just a Ghoul. Some time later, he managed to make a name for himself amongst the Carthians and become fully independant, helping anyone with cash or other material gain to be earned – or any desperate Carthian in general. Yet feeling that strength was in numbers, he did join a Coterie after some time, to make sure that if Bad Times ever hit, he wouldn’t suddenly become all alone – even if he helped most in the Movement one way or another.

Kent has a single Ghoul under his service – a head physician Rick Leland, to let him work uninterrupted graveyard shifts in one of the hospitals in Staten Island and to help when needed.

Kent "Middleman" Conway

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