‡ Bishop Irvin Nickel

The Bishop of the Lancea et Sanctum and the Count of Manhattan


Disciplines: Theban sorcery
Other powers: Detects lies (by making bugs crawl out of liar’s mouth), Knows how to store Vitae – both seem to be secrets of Lance
Territory: Manhattan, lives in Morningside Heights

Extra Notes:
Supposedly dead after Rotgrafen attack Still alive and kicking
Disregards hygiene and his looks lately
Vincent Logan claims he is under control of a Strix


Irvin is the current leader of the Lancea et Sanctum. He does not speak too much, and was always a more scholarly type of the person studying Theban the most. After the Purge, when a lot of high ranking vampires died, he was appointed as a de facto leader of the Lance and promoted to the rank of Bishop, since the old bishop alongside the prince died.

‡ Bishop Irvin Nickel

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