Gus "Gus" Redmond

Little Monster


City Status •
Nosferatu Status •

Nightmare high
Vigor high
Obfuscate 3+
Celerity 2+

Long hand things
Wrath’s presence

Came to Hell’s Kitchen, because he liked the name
Coterie didn’t want to face him in combat, so let him be

Fought coterie after being asked about Judy and what happened to her
Was looked over by Judy Gonzalez due to threats to kill her grandchild. Killed her later on for a stupid reason.
Sociopath monster inside of little child’s body
Defeated someone in duel

Helped coterie defeat Byrd’s bastards (killed biggest and meanest of them)
Terrorized few vampires to vote for Tesoro
Got Hell’s kitchen for that


Gus "Gus" Redmond

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