‡ Marry "Dusk" Lee

Athletic thief


Is a Mekhet.
Interdisciplinary Specialty (Catclaws)
Very good at Parkour.
Can become invisible.
City Status ••

Size: 5


At school Dusk was a young athlete. Gymnastics was her specialty. Everybody promised her a bright future and sometimes even mentioned that miraculous word “the Olympics”.

But suddenly everything changed. She met John. At first Dusk didn’t know, that he is in a parkour gang, but later she just didn’t care. She spent more and more time with him and his friends in their hideout. It was more interesting than lessons and finally Dusk just dropped out…

Her parents were furious, thay tried to punish her not letting to leave house, but it was quite a naive idea to keep an athlete, who joined a parkour gang.

Dusk decided to leave home and live with the gang. She was thrilled to unfold her real potential. Stealing was more interesting than competing with other young adults. She fell in love with that adrenaline rush. When Dusk was running on roofs and jumping from one building to another she felt invincible.

One day, maybe after a month or two when she left her home, the gang had an interesting “job”. They had a plan to rob one mysterious-looking, remote mansion.

At the beginning everything went smoothly. They were agile and silent, nobody should hear them. They found some good stuff to sell and it could be enough, but one of the last rooms, which Dusk visited was an old-fashioned, enormous library. It was a light-minded game for Dusk, she just wanted a little souvenir.

That night Dusk had a proof, that it is not important, how good she is, she is not invincible after all. That night, when she tried to steal from this house, she woke up dead. And hungry.

Dusk was lying in a big old-fashioned bed with a pinkish canopy. In the head she heard a loud, angry humming. Finally when she could focus her sight, Dusk saw a gothish, but still beautiful lady reading near her. That was her sire Madam Mccloskey.

Was mind-controlled by Strix Krird.After torporing Alex and being discovered by coterie, lead to a number of engagements with them, which forced them to go to New Haven and make Alex a member of Khaibit family.Destroyed apartments building, burned cathedral and specialized traps later, she was slain as part of effort to eliminate Strix.

‡ Marry "Dusk" Lee

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