Darrel Hart

Professional Fighter


City Status •
Carthian Status ••

Met with Dusk after her possession by Strix, doesn’t understand what she is controlled.

Attacked Daniel after being told off by Sheriff that it’s authorized capture
Lost a duel to Daniel, who was championed by Poe, but currently torpored and unable to serve.

He and his coterie mates protected Pauline, but got bested by the cotterie and their support. His mate Emanuel shredded Oliver to death, but got later eaten by Poe.


He used to be a professional fighter, and very good at that too. After being embraced his fighting prowess improved even further, but the more time he spends among the damned, the more he get’s drawn into their politics. He’s enjoying that immensely, even more than he used to enjoy fighting.

He has three coterie mates – Matt, Preston and Emanuel.

Darrel Hart

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