‡ Daniel Milton

Dragon Mister, Player, Slave of Ichor, a writer


Invictus Status ••
Invictus Guild of Researchers(Ordo Dracul) Status ••
City Status ••
Auspex ••••
Cacophony Savvy •

Banes: Repulsion (Roses), Bells
Has a knack for supernatural, although for a long time, lacks access to proper knowledge – finally that is being fixed
His blood is very tasty and emboldening (+WP for any drink and +beat for getting/advancing Vinculum)
Vassal of Alder Martin Lynch
Liege of Mister Melvyn Rivers
HAD a ghoul – Lana Carlson – who published his books in her name and shared part of royalties.
Keeps bodies in his room (including Lana and Pat) for whom he cares deeply.

Usually wears a casual suit. Carries a notebook and a set of pencils so he could always note down whatever his muse creates. Curious about many things, especially supernatural, sometimes so curious that he disregards the saying that some cats get killed by curiosity. Right, like that’s ever going to happen. It already did, twice. Seems to be unambitious in City’s life, looking content in taking a small win and just passing by, like not forcing Fealty to those who deserve it in eyes of other Invictus or squandering opportunity for a council position. Has a small hand press at Lana’s old house for more secretive book circulation.


Daniel’s mortal life was a pretty boring one – a Bachelor of Arts, he wanted to become the next great writer of sci-fi and fantasy, but he didn’t have any high-up friends, nor were his first books anything spectacular, so the pitiful royalties from the small publisher were not even enough to make his living. This made him go out after any dollar he could earn, whether it would be creating a speech for local politician, writing a news article for newspaper or proofreading some student’s grad work. He most likely would have stuck in such a life but at the age of 33, his life took a sharp turn downwards.

One of the speeches he worked on was… macabre, almost a fantasy, involving something about changing boundaries of lands of two parties and ‘redistributing population’ and there were a lot of weird requests in midst of writing it but the client, who he never saw, was willing to pay a lot for it and so Daniel rolled with it. A month later, he got an even weirder invitation from Madame Mccloskey for a business opportunity. Later on he would find out that usually such invitations end up with tying up the Kine into Ghouling, but that night he was ‘lucky’, if it could be called so, as she instead Embraced him into new unlife. Up to this day he is not sure why she did so but he never pushed about it.

The ‘business opportunity’ was working with Mister Greg Lamb, mostly writing him speeches when he would need one. Although not many would call Fealty ‘a business opportunity’. But he didn’t have much choice in this, not knowing much about Kindreds at that time and so he lived out his first year meekly under the protection of Lamb. Over the year Daniel started learning more and more about the bottomless rabbit hole he got dragged to and started living a bit more active life. He wrote a new book a bit into his second year, one which tried to paint his new experience from far away, making sure not to threaten Masquerade or anyone. But then he hit a roadblock in realizing as he could no longer publish books under his name being technically dead, ruining the dream of his. Eventually he found a solution in a woman called Lana Bennell – an officer which was just fired for a theft from evidence locker. Daniel was pretty sure that Lamb had a hand in this, but you don’t look a gift horse in mouth, and he used that situation to move Lana from upcoming depression to a fix for her life and ‘a fix’ for her sadness. And so Lana became a proxy for publishing Daniel’s book and unexpectedly, it went as local bestseller. Even today he wishes he instead tried to make his own fake identity, so it could be technically his glory, but what would have he earned from that. He could never fully appear in public anyway, and there was a new audience awaiting him to conquer their hearts over.

Over the time, Daniel and Lamb went from liege-vassal relationship to a more friendly one. Eventually Lamb even helped with backing Daniel’s membership into Invictus. The Kindred he got an Oath of Fealty from was a newly Embraced one by Lamb, who needed guidance and protection, just as Daniel needed at his first steps. Alas, he didn’t get much chance to help the guy – the Purge came after half a month, and it was the time of madness in City, as everyone tried to survive the hell in his own way. And hey, if some political enemy gets knocked out by all this, all the better. At least that’s what some thought. Daniel just wanted to survive the Purge. He barricaded down in dozens of different shelters, never living in one place for more than few days, feeding only when he was forced to. After it all ended, he tried to get back the life to what it was, but the harm was done. His vassal was one of many who perished over that period, and he never got a chance to get a new one, so his title mostly became that, a title. Although a bit later he did catch interest of another Madame – a Dragon, which showed that his activities weren’t fully unseen. A few days later, he joined up with the Guild of Researchers, as they called themselves, and added a Dragon to his title too. Daniel never squandered opportunity to find out more about the world of supernatural, and getting a chance to explore that more formally was what he just wanted.

And so we come to time when Mister Lamb became Judex and had to give up the Oaths of Fealty of his vassals and redistribute them, moving Daniel to care of now late Mister Jankovic.

‡ Daniel Milton

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