Uncle Bob

Ancient Horror who lives under the Necropolis


Noferatu Status •••••
Circle of the Crone Status •••••

Disciplines: Nightmare 5, Obfuscate 5, Vigor 5, Cruac 4+ (Protection 4)
Other powers: Acute Senses.

Extra Notes:
Makes statuettes which act as a test for joining Nosferatu clan properly. Other purpose unknown.
Lives in the bottom of Necropolis
Very old – when Bertram’s Sire was young, Uncle Bob already lived alone deep under.
Can feed only upon vampire blood
Can be called while in Necropolis based on the amount of blood you have
There are whispers among the Nosferatu that a certain Ventrue survived half a week with Uncle Bob before running out (and dying for being in Necropolis)

Leader of Nosferatu uprising after execution of Tesoro. Most powerful witch in the city and likely the oldest vampire in NY.

Had an army of revenants available after hundreds of years collecting them.

Seems to be revered by his fellow haunts.


Ancient Horror Under The City. He’s probably now the oldest kindred alive and active in New York. Most however, do not know about his existance, he lives underground and mostly influences the above by leading the Nosferatu. Most new nosferatu are challenged to go down, they do not know it at that point, but they are then attacked by Bob, who drains their blood and assesses their worth. Some never come back.

Worships Ometecuhtli

Uncle Bob

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