‡ Alex Coleman



City Status ••
Circle of the Crone Status ••
Cacophony Savvy •


Alex has spent most of his years as a vampire amongst, amongst the outcasts both of from the human society (petty criminals, drug dealers, tramps, etc..) where he has gained many connections and the vampire society.
He has used his skills in gathering information and taking cares of “business” for the more powerful/rich vampires in the city. And although over time he has acquired many connections in the “underworld”. But because he is somewhat disdainful towards his employers and does not really respect hierarchy very much (not openly) he didn’t search for any opportunities to advance his public/official status in the vampire society, except to gain further employment.
having witnessing alot death and cruelty, he doesn’t have much regard for human (or vampire) life, and is usually relatively insensible to the suffering of others, and only tends to help others when it suits his goals. Nevertheless he is not cruel and not willing to hurt/murder/etc others without a good reasons (mostly because he is cautious and does not want to put himself into any unnecessary risk).
In general he is somewhat selfish and self-interested, does not usually bond with others too much. The only people he actually cares about are his family. Before he was bitten He had a wife and a son, who is now ~12-14 (so was 2-4 when he was bitten). Even though they believe that has died/been murdered, long a go, he still deeply cares about them, and sometimes visits the in the night.

‡ Alex Coleman

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