New York : Vampire

Perseus's vision

Perseus had everything set for the ritual to help Poe when Melvyn came with the dead bird in his hand. The guy did more than what was asked from him, so Perseus smiled. He carved out the bones as best as he could, making as much mess as he could in the bowl he had set before him, then he and Melvyn spilt their blood to fill it, as Perseus started chanting. The ritual went slowly, with the blood struggling to move. The giant also wasn’t at best of his moods, constantly peeking if Melvyn wasn’t displeasing the Goddess or the entities in the Pool. One time he almost completely stopped chant, but he managed to continue and eventually blood and bones started swirling on their own, at first slowly, then faster, and more faster.

The vision started with a large group of bones in the middle and two single bones approaching them from the sides. The center twitched slightly and shifted towards one of the nearing bones. The lonely bones continued their approach, almost joining the group – but just before, a large ripple appeared in the middle of everything, and several bones flew quite high into the air before dropping back down in the bowl, seemingly keeping at same spot instead of scattering. One of the remaining bones paled slightly, as the loners finally joined the group, and all the blood and bones started swirling again, more chaotically than before, yet staying grouped, smashing at each other, few of them even breaking, before eventually stopping and settling down completely.

Perseus waited for a minute, but it was clear that the vision ended, yet he was completely confounded by it. He was looking for others who could help out in returning Poe, yet what he saw was nothing even remotely close to that. More strangely, when he was cleaning the bowl and bones, he noticed that two broken bones were completely dry and clean when taken out, without showing any evidence they were just in a bloody bowl. Yet Perseus had no idea what to make of all this.


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