New York : Vampire

Nice view of Manhattan

The night he came back

He heard a knock on the door and a pause as he felt annoyance shoot through him “I did specifically tell them to enter”, but it quickly switched to satisfaction as the door opened and closed and soft footsteps followed.

Feminine voice weakly asked “Hello?” as she moved to the lamp on the table to bring the room from its gloom.

“Don’t turn it on, ruins the view” he answered from the armchair he was in, looking through a glass wall onto the skyscrapers of Manhattan.

Girl stopped, probably trying to discern the shape sitting in the chair, turned sideways from her. At the first sound of her coat zipper he added “No need for that. Your due is on the table, so don’t worry. Just make yourself comfortable” as he pointed his left palm at another armchair next to his.

She hesitated, but took down her coat and threw it on the bed. He heard uncertain step towards the table, but when a turn as she walked next to the window. “It is indeed beautiful if you have a chance to appreciate it”

Hmm, professional. I can work with that” were his thoughts yet instead he said “Indeed, would you be so kind to tell me about yourself?” as he finally dared to look at her. In this gloom, her profile was more than similar to Liz. He was both fascinated and scared at his choice.


The girl shortly introduced herself and turned around to him as if measuring if she should approach already, but he simply opened his left plan towards the second armchair. Seeing his face she shed away and happily sat down further from him and waited trying to understand him, but as the silence stretched she gave in “So what would you like to know?”

She was telling him about current culture and society as he opened his mouth first time in a good hour. She was surprised to see tears streaming down his face
“You know I was highly vindictive person in my younger years.” the phrase took her aback, but he didn’t seem to notice. “All of that changed when Liz was born. Her kind eyes and later her whole being made be a nicer person… but they took her from me. One and only thing which kept me…” he stopped abruptly not daring to say the last word.


Griautis SpiriTx

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