New York : Vampire

Lonely night stories

Or how the coterie of Firebrands was formed

Vampire’s Requiem in New York lately has been one hell of a nightmare. All the hunters on the streets, curfew pretty much all night, hunting borderline impossible with most of the bars and clubs closed with simply traveling to the Manhattan a huge pain.

Misaki was analyzing the situation slowly drifting on the swing in someone’s backyard. She liked Staten Island for that, so many separate houses or even mansions. Thoughts scrambled through her head as lights in the nearby home switched from what she guessed was a dining room to a living room. Definitely way less cramped than the rest of NY and people way more cool or chill or whatever the description hipsters don’t use nowadays. Fucking hate hipsters.

And why did those uneducated haunts from the sewers had to start all this mess she exhaled, remembering first time she came to Staten Island. For quite a while she avoided this place due to all the Invictus propaganda, but curiosity and the values they propagated won over time, especially when the relationships with sire became better and he didn’t mind anymore her choosing for herself.

It was raining cats and dogs that night, she was completely soaked when she got to the bar, infamous Carthian bar, which is still a main meeting spot even now. Well maybe not right now, but whatever She expected to be made fun of for still looking like fourteen, even though she was seventeen when she got embraced, or even not served due to not being legal age she would be a millionaire if she got a cent every time she heard that joke, yet something more terrible happened – people simply didn’t notice her arrival. She did’t have courage to approach anyone in this alien place, so she just sat there, in a corner for a quarter of an hour swearing in her mind for coming.

There was a tear streaming down her face as she stood and reached the door to leave, but Maxim came in at the same time. She doesn’t even remember what kind of a non-sense icebreaker he used, but it didn’t matter. It all happened like a blur. Soon she was sitting there at a barrel, used instead of a table, Maxim and Kent chatting to her over some strange drink she was surprised not to vomit out later in the night.

That night Misaki learned how the duo met, Maxim helping out Kent “Middleman” Conway with some interesting deals to make money, contacts and influence. Over the night they shared the stories of their failures like when they got scammed so badly they got plastic AK47’s instead of real ones after spending their full fortune on them or successes as Kent saved Maxim’s close friend from Russian mafia. How they would usually pull their police strings to avoid problems after more adventurous hunts or fight their way through gangsters when the deal would go south.

Izanami couldn’t stay grumpy with all this comradeship and friendliness they displayed towards each other and strangely towards her. She opened up to them like no one else about all the stupid situations caused by her stupid age. How she would struggle to do anything without her sire’s help when people respond to you like you a fucking moron. Izanami couldn’t smile remembering all the silly things she heard over her undead life “Sorry lady, only adults can rent apartments” or “Fight club is a R-rated movie and you need a parent to accompany you for it.”

With time they started hanging out more often and they introduced her to some other cool fellas and would even take on some jobs with them. Finally, she felt appreciated and valued even with all of her faults. She was immensely proud when all 3 of decided to bunch up as a coterie. Damn coolest and chillest of them all.

Several months ago Oliver Hart, Kent’s contact from police got embraced, so it was only natural that he started hanging out with them after doing them a number of favors in past years. The guy hadn’t really dealt with Izanami though, so once he dared to think himself above others and teach her a lesson. Apparently he though she wasn’t respectful enough of her surrounding and molested her damn ear.
Remembering the story, which by now was part of their funny drink tales, she touched her left ear, releasing quickly after feeling the unnatural dryness of it.

Little did the fella know, as after one beastly look from a little girl he was storming out of the bar. Laughs, which erupted after the door banged, were more than cheerful. Later she even taught him how to do same tricks and control Nightmare. Guy was a natural learner and went through it way more painlessly than herself for which she was both envious and proud. He was officially invited to join the coterie after he saved Kent’s ass in a hell of a shoot-out in his usual too good of a deal, which was too hard to resist.

It was a natural progression as they were already spending so much time together and the guy was a nice fit to their strange, yet comely bunch.



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