New York : Vampire

Chp 18: Don't trust a Mangano

Just now to find out who is the pricklier rose

The return of Master Dellaware went completely uneventfully – Mister Milton was grateful that his coteriemates were not angry as he expected his return to go awry really fast, but others saw how wise he was while carrying out Council’s duty and didn’t comment much. Even Master Dellaware did not express much about having lost Master Basani.

However, the evening did go awry for a completely different reason – Miss Mangano became what Mister Milton feared the most – alike the late Miss Mangano. He couldn’t do anything that evening, but the next night he realized how violated he was by her. Forcing him to carry out his friends into a damp cellar, not even helping to make that cellar accomodatable. This was something completely disgraceful. He wished she was already in Invictus – then he could have simply brought her against the Judex. But now he had to find another way to punish the wily Daeva.

The next night, Mister McClanahan showed Mister Milton a notebook he took from the late Alysha Kline. Even with the help of Mister Rivers, who apparently has a knack for breaking ciphers, they could not get any closer to understanding the content of the book. Then Mister Milton had an idea – he recently found he could push the bodies he raises more than he could before, so he guessed that maybe it could also help to restimulate their brain activity. This was a partial success – while she regained her memory and could speak, each question sapped her, and she no longer could read the notebook, which only revealed itself to other Mages – the Awakened. As the last question, Mister Milton found out that Alysha found the runes by consulting “Darker Plains” ((or something like that, can’t remember the name)), but after it she succumbed from deterioration, and she was locked up with Mister McClanahan.

And then yet another disaster struck the Coterie – Mister Milton’s friends were kidnapped. And as Miss Mangano testified, by no other than just rescued Master Dellaware. This brought the fury he tried to push away in himself, and he stomped down towards his room, awaiting when either of the Nosferatu came back, fuming in himself, readying the most vile words which could brew in his pot.


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