New York : Vampire

Carthians return to stability

One month later...

Pauline and her closest gang were interrogated by Julia and later they were trialed together with a bunch of other Carthians. Izanami was to execute them, but as she leaped upon one of them and gauged his eyes dropping them into her mouth, and then proceeded to bite down the neck of Matt she was pulled away by Anton. Her cruelty and inhumanity have lost her some of her status among the Carthians.

Soon after Pauline’s disappearance the rest of her faction was either hunted down or joined back into the movement – ready to back the nosferatu uprising.

In the meanwhile the Nosferatu have wrestled Invictus out of Brooklyn, Queens and Bronx. The remaining Invictus have holed up in Manhattan, where they were afforded great protection by the Lancea et Sanctum led by their fierce new Bishop.

Uncle Bob has now emerged into public view, named himself the Hierophant of New York – the spiritual leader to make sure that the justice is preserved. He claims to borrow from the Carthian ideals for more mundane prospects of running the domain.

With the open fighting becoming much more rare and everyone – even the circle cramping down on Masquarade breaches, the city was put out of the War state. Hunters still rampant at least did not showcase their power so much in the streets, instead relying on disguised informants, and targeted strikes to fight the undead.


Griautis Griautis

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