New York : Vampire

A new home

Of broken bones and bloodied spears

Perseus was sitting thinking on his last augury ritual. He sat in Central Park that time and watched the birds, facing southward. At first the sky was empty, but he knew that it never happened quickly. After some time, he spotted two ravens flying together. ‘That must have been me and Garry Becker’, he thought. One of the ravens landed in a tree where few other ravens already were, while the second one flew on. He already expected something similar at the time of augury – after all, the Circle was broken and they had to go somewhere. One of the ravens was very loud – it must have symbolized Walter, he thought afterwards – and constantly glaring at all the others, but it didn’t do anything, only brooded, sometimes changing branches. The Perseus raven then got pecked by another raven, that much he remembered, after which it must have lashed out back. The blow his raven took was a harsh one and even then Perseus was a little bit afraid of what would come next. But the ravens didn’t kill each other off, finishing after a couple of pecks as Perseus raven fled yet quickly returned, relieving him that it was only another challenge in his path.

They cawed for some time and then a pigeon flew in, yet quickly left. Perseus was utterly confused by this sign during the reading and was at odds whether to even read it as an omen. But now, in the hindsight, he realized that must have been Tiffany. It only stayed for a short while but it left with two other ravens, leaving only Perseus and Poe’s ravens. Soon, a large, old crow with a scar by its beak joined the two, cawing at Poe. It must have been that scarred guy who Poe knew. Perseus had seen him too on few occasions, but the name fled his mind for that moment, as it did when he actually met him in warehouse. After a minute or two the three crows suddenly jumped at each other, flapping and striking and screeching, and Perseus had difficulty following where was whose raven. Eventually, only one remained, as the other two fell to ground, with the victor continuing to peck at them both. With that, it fled the place, and Perseus realized he had seen all that night.


Griautis ltlukoziuz

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